Thursday, February 22, 2007

Misery Thy Name is Admin

I am currently enduring the worst 1 hour and 40 minutes of my day. Thursday is otherwise a happy day because it starts a new week of pregnancy (number 17!) and I watch Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy at a friend's apartment (will they kill of Meredith? No. Will they take the whole episode to get around to her coming "back to life"? Yes. Will Izzy stop being a bitch about George? Uncertain.)

Back to admin... I have almost no idea what is going on- I have never sunk to the level of blog posting during class, though I'm normally an avid email/blog/news reader. I don't think the cases themselves are confusing, but my professor has a knack for asking questions that make no sense with answers that make even less. I think he's either doing cocaine or very close to having a nervous breakdown. He actually jumped up and down three times before class began today. He rocks back and forth and talks really fast. I'm sure trying to make tenure at UC is very high-pressure and I'm worried he may be cracking.

Admin is probably going to be my secured transactions of last quarter. If anyone has an outline for the Breyer casebook and you wish to share it, I may re-think the name I have chosen for our first born. This may be the first time I turn to a commercial outline- or, more likely, I'll just admit defeat and let the curve carry me where it will.


  1. First - there is NO shame in commercial outlines - they're usually by the same author as the casebook! I also really like the Examples and Explanations series. Also, I've heard that about Admin in general. I think it just sucks.

    Also, what the heck is up with Izzy being so bitchy? I cannot stand her character lately. So George made a mistake when he married Calie, but *she* was rational when she got engaged to Denny? WTF?

  2. Oh I don't think there's any shame in commercial outlines, they're just usually one more thing I don't have time to read when I'm cramming for finals.

    Anyone have a preference? I've heard of Emmanuel's and Gilbert's (I think that's what they're called).

  3. We aren't using that casebook, but our prof recommended the E&E for Admin (Funk & Something? are the authors? Something like that?).

    My thought is when a prof recommends a commercial supplement of any kind, you should buy it right away. She's a rising young Admin star, so I trust her, too.