Friday, August 31, 2007

Diagnosis: Acid Reflux

I finally called the pediatrician yesterday about Landon's discomfort. I spoke with the triage nurse and after describing his symptoms she told us we needed to come into the office today. I was thinking she'd just recommend a new formula, so the urgency with which she made our appointment made me think we probably should have called the doctor sooner. I'm not a worrier and never have been- my most frequently uttered phrase is probably "It'll be fine." I wondered if being a new mom would change that, but it didn't, I'm still generally convinced that everything will be fine. But now I think I need to turn up the worry a little. Landon can't tell me what's wrong and two weeks ago when I thought he had signs of acid reflux I should have called the doctor rather than thinking every parent worries and it's usually nothing so I'll just wait. When we told our doctor about the episode two days ago where he screamed so hard he stopped breathing she gave us a kind, but stern order to go to an emergency room anytime he stops breathing. I'm sure that most parents would be properly alarmed if their baby stopped breathing and they'd rush off to the ER without having to be told, but we saw Landon stop and restart breathing so many times in the NICU that the event has lost some of its shock value.

Anyway, besides from making us feel like neglectful parents, the visit accomplished something else- Landon has been diagnosed with acid reflux and is now on Zantac. His colic-like symptoms combined with his post-bottle coughing and nasal congestion all add up to classic GERD. I'm so glad it is something that can be helped. The Zantac doesn't make the reflux stop, it just stops the stomach acid from being produced so the reflux doesn't hurt any more and his esophagus can heal. The sphincter that's allowing the formula to come back up should tighten up over time. We're looking forward to being the better rested parents of a much happier baby.


  1. Aw - don't feel neglectful. I'm sure not worrying is a good policy that will save you and L a lot of grief in the long run! I am quite the opposite - a complete worrier.

  2. Hope the little guy is feeling better soon.

  3. Ditto what grass said. Trust your instincts! Hope the meds kick in quickly so that he feels better and you guys can get some sleep. :)