We haven't been everywhere, but it's on our list.

I originally added this page back in 2012 when travel was more of a dream than a reality. My first paragraph remains so true that I'm preserving it below in block quotes, but I'm otherwise changing this page to link to the trips we've now taken. I so often get asked specific trip advice from friends (just as I so often ask for it when I end up going to a place I saw a friend visit!) that it's easier to send a link to a recap blog post than re-type (and worse, try to re-remember) what I did or found helpful. It was fun to compile it and to see how our travels have grown (not so coincidentally with the elimination of double daycare payments in 2015!).

[From the original post] One of James and my biggest priorities and pleasures with our little family is to travel. There is nothing he loves more than throwing the kids in the car and driving somewhere far away to play for a few days, and as the kids (and our vacation savings account) grow bigger, I can't wait to throw them all on the plane (and throw James some Xanax; and maybe the kids too) and expand our travel map!!

And so, the LL family travel archives are here:








2017 2018
  • Southeast National Park Road Trip
    • Hot Springs National Park
    • Mammoth Cave National Park
    • Great Smokey Mountains & Congaree
  • Chicago, IL


  1. Fun! I love travel planning. I'm currently living in Italy on sabbatical with my husband and two young kids. We've been trying to balance seeing as much of Europe as possible while it is cheap! and easy! and without jetlag! We've taken the kids to a number of places on your list and just returned from Valencia, Spain. I can't recommend it enough as a family destination. There are beautiful gardens running through the city that allow you avoid navigating through traffic (they are the old riverbed- so set below the street level), beaches, a fantastic old city with towers, palaces, and cathedrals, an amazing zoo, aquarium, and science center. So much to see and do in such a compact location and everything was family friendly- plus the weather was great and prices were reasonable. Spain, Greece, and Italy have definitely been the most kid-friendly countries we've visited. Kids are welcome anywhere with open arms...I'm pretty sure in Greece, you get better service with kids then without. Sorry to blather on, but had to add my two cents about Valencia and Euro travel with kids. Sarah

    1. This was such a great comment! And Valencia is TOTALLY on the list now. JP's great dream for our family life was to live overseas, but at this point, I can't quite see how either of our jobs would send us there, so we're just going to have to travel a lot instead! So excited for you and your family to do so much traveling while you're there!

  2. You should put Iceland in your list. I've never been, but it's moved to the top of my priority list since I read Lauren's (of Aspiring Kennedy) rave reviews. It has everything-- stunning natural beauty, European sensibility and style, outdoor adventures, and city break potential. Lauren makes it sound totally doable with kids:

    1. Iceland is definitely on my list- I'm not sure how it got left off above. It looks so amazing!

  3. You have got to come to Ireland. Great scenery, friendly people and loads to do.

    1. Yay! I love all of those things.

  4. Above the Law has a page that says "US lawyers rotating to overseas post are usually securities lawyers'"

    So there may be work - you could always ask for an exchange to the Securies Exchange Commission in New Zealand, or go and lecture at a University in England or Australia or Europe while James coaches swimmers.

    1. How did I miss this post 2 years ago? This is EXCELLENT information. James remains ever hopeful that we will live overseas, but I felt pretty sure that a US securities regulator and a locally operated small business owner didn't have a lot of chance of making that happen. He'll be so happy to hear it's not totally impossible :P.