Thursday, August 2, 2007

Baby Gear Reviews

Magic Cookie did a post about baby products after her son was born and I found it (and others) very helpful, so I figured I'd add my 2 cents to the blogging community. Most of the links are from, but I know Babies R Us also carried most of these items and I'm sure lots of other stores do too.


  1. Storkcraft Rochester Crib w/ Drawer: it's cheap, looks expensive, and went together pretty easily for something that arrived in so many parts
  2. Ikea Trofast Storage System: also inexpensive and suits our needs perfectly. All of Landon's clothes, accessories, and toys are in there and the tubs' bright colors liven up his room. Someday we'll buy him a real bedroom set and just use the system for toys.
  3. Simple changing table from Target: there's no web link anymore, but it's your traditional table with rails on the top and 2 shelves. I really like having the table- it stores a lot of stuff and the sides make me feel like Landon is more secure. We also bought one of those thick 4-sided pads to put on top- it's all quite plush
  4. Graco Snugride Infant Car Seat: one of the less expensive, but very safe infant car seats. He seems to like it and I love that it snaps in and out of its base so easily. We have a base in each car and use the Graco Car Seat Frame Stroller. I love the stroller- the handles adjust for your height, it folds up/down very easily, the wheels roll smoothly, and the basket underneath fits my diaper bag.
  5. Chicco C6 Umbrella Stroller: We haven't actually put Landon in here yet, but this will be our stroller once he can sit up and doesn't fit in the car seat anymore. We've wheeled it around the apartment and like how light, yet sturdy it is.
  6. Fisher Price Baby Papasan Chair: love this- it's very cozy and soft and he's slept in it since we got home from the NICU. We didn't get a bassinet or co-sleeper b/c our master bedroom is too small, but I think his crib feels too big after being in the isolette. We just stuck the papasan chair in his crib and he sleeps really well. During the day I take the papasan chair out to the livingroom and put it in his pack 'n play for naptime (we have a cat, so I don't like just leaving him out in the chair when I'm doing things in other rooms). I took off the mirror/toy bar because he didn't seem interested, and once he's active we'll probably use the more interactive bouncer, but this one has already been invaluable.
  7. Diaper Genie II: works great, glad we have it.
  8. Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub: wonderful tub- the newborn sling keeps him feeling safe and secure. I would highly recommend this one.


  1. Symphony-in-Motion Geometric Shapes Mobile: love this! It looks bizarre, but he's transfixed by it. I also like the music- it's not annoying or too fake sounding, and it plays for a full 15 minutes.
  2. Gymini Total Playground Activity Mat: he's only been in here twice but he remained entertained and content for over 30 minutes both times. He also had his first tummy time experience on here and it went quite well. The reviews for it are phenomenal so I'm looking forward to using it more. I like that it folds up, is washable, and the toys can be switched around.
  3. Lamaze First Mirror: great mirror- he's already fascinated with his reflection and we like how soft and bright this mirror is. I'm sure he'll find lots of ways to play with it as he gets older. I actually love all the Lamaze brand toys- he has the soft sorter, an elephant, and the multi-sensory clutch cube. They're all soft, bright, simple, and interactive.
  4. Fisher Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker: a playtime chair to go along with his sleepy time papasan seat. He's been in here a few times and already enjoys looking up at the toys. He's accidentally batted a few and seems delighted every time his arms make contact. I like that it has a "kickstand" that keeps it still and reclined back for him now, but later he can actually sit and rock in it.
  5. Lamaze Spin & Explore Garden Gym: we haven't used this yet, but I love the concept and how bright and interactive the mat is. A friend told me her sister's baby adored this thing, so I'm looking forward to him getting a little bigger so we can try it out.
  6. Fisher Price Waterfall Soother: we haven't used this yet either and I'm trying to decide if we will. His mobile is all he needs in the crib now, but we got this as a gift and perhaps someday I'll be glad we have it- the online reviews are all very good.


  1. I was totally overwhelmed by the quantity and variety of newborn clothes out there. So far all we've been all about the onesie and the receiving blanket. He hangs out in the onesie and socks and we swaddle him up in a blanket when we're holding him or when he's sleeping in his chair. We've also used the Carter sleeping gowns from Target and we like them a lot. The NICU kept all babies in kimono-style long-sleeved t-shirts and those were great. If I could find more of them, I'd buy some, but luckily Landon doesn't seem to object too much to stuff being pulled over his head as long as you're quick about it.
  2. Bibs: you'll want lots of these if you're bottle feeding. Landon's a sloppy drinker and every time I forget to put a bib on him I'm quite sorry for it.
  3. Cloth diapers: the best burp rags. I got a pack of 12 from Target and they've been great.
  4. Terry cloth robe: a friend got me this at a baby shower and so far it's all we've used for his bath time. Baby hooded towels are so thin- they really don't seem to absorb much or keep him very warm, so right when we take him out of the tub we wrap him up in his robe and it dries him off and keeps him much warmer. Plus it's adorable on him.
  5. Halo Sleep Sack: I think I'm going to love these once he's a little bigger. Right now the size small is so big that when he wiggles around it rides up over his face (definitely not SIDS safe, which is what the sack is designed to be). Anyway, they're soft and will keep him warm in the winter- once his head and neck are big enough to stop being swallowed up.


  1. There's way too many bottle varieties on the market and it's hard to buy much before your baby gets a chance to try them out. Here was our experience, but every baby is definitely different. One bit of advice: don't get too many of the small bottles because it won't be very long before your baby wants more than 4 ounces and you can always put a smaller amount in a bigger bottle.
  2. Playtex Ventaire: I loved these, but Landon did not. The stage 1 nipple was so small that he couldn't get anything out and would fall asleep exhausted after half an ounce. The stage 2 nipple nearly choked him.
  3. Playtex Premium Nurser w/ Drop-ins: Landon eats great with these. I like the convenience of the drop-in system- there are very few parts to clean (just the nipple).
  4. You'll also want some sort of bottle drying system- we have the munchkin dishwasher basket and drying rack. They're both working out quite well.


  1. I haven't bought any "parenting books", but I did get two reference-type books that I've found helpful.
  2. Baby 411: practical, not overly opinionated (I actually like an author to have some opinion about things. I'm a new mother, I'd like to know what someone with experience thinks. If I don't like it, I won't follow it), and well-organized. I've already looked at it several times since bringing Landon home.
  3. Caring for Your Baby and Young Child from the American Academy of Pediatrics: you can get this free from Statefarm, I don't even think you have to be a client. It's a good reference book.


  1. Hello Little One: I started looking at baby announcements almost the moment I found out I was pregnant. I knew I wanted to include a photo, I wanted the size to be 5x7, I wanted cardstock rather than photo paper, and I wanted to be able to personalize it. I discovered Hello Little One and loved the designs- very clean, good color combinations, and unique. I was able to order the envelopes in advance and the whole process was very fast. I emailed the designer my photo on Sunday night, she had the proof to me Monday, and I just got the box of printed announcements today (Friday). I absolutely love the finished product- it looks beautiful and we were able to add a design on the back that includes our new address and phone number. There are lots of options out there, but I have to say I'm very very happy with this company.

Please feel free to add your own comments, reviews, and suggestions to other parents!


  1. Thanks for posting! We've been adopting a wait-and-see approach for most of Eden's "stuff" -- like we have the frame for her SafeSeat, but haven't decided on a "real" stroller and at some point I will go to the local baby boutique and try out all the strollers. (But I really just love the frame -- it's so light and maneuverable!)

    If Landon likes the papasan, he'll probably like the matching cradle/swing. I wouldn't have purchased either on my own, but a friend bought them for us -- and I can't imagine having a baby without them. The cradle/swing puts Eden to sleep when she's overtired and doesn't know what to do with herself. Like today. :)

    The Portland Ikea finally opened last week -- hurrah! We'll finally pick up a crib!

  2. That is so helpful!! I saw the baby papasan last night at Target and I was like, ohmygosh, that looks like the same one LL has!! I'm just jealous I can't have a vibrating papasan chair for me. :(

  3. FYI, you can get those kimono shirts at Target -- Gerber makes them. I bought a bunch of the short sleeved version for her to wear with pants -- I love them!

  4. Thanks for doing this so quick!

  5. Hee! Spit rags--we were all about the spit rags. Those cloth diapers are, as you say, the best. You really can't have enough of them. And when the kids stop spitting up, they make the best possible dust rags. :)

    Sounds like you're doing great. Can't wait to see him!