Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Spa Day

My in-laws flew into town 1 hour after my mom flew out (I was so sad to see her go- we had so much fun together last week). They drive me crazy for lots of reasons- some of them not so minor- but I must admit they are quite generous and have good intentions. They gave me gift certificates to the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa for a signature massage, manicure, and pedicure as a baby shower gift. I was supposed to use them before the baby was born, and I actually scheduled the prenatal massage for July 21st, but Landon showed up on the 15th and I had to cancel.

Today they came over to babysit their first grandchild and I spent the afternoon downtown shopping and being pampered. It was fantastic. The massage was perfect- just the right amount of pressure (due to being a former swimmer my back is still really muscular and many massage therapists don't press hard enough) and just the right amount of chatting (very little). I felt like I was floating above the table by the end. Someday, if BigLaw works out for me and I'm rolling in money, I'm getting weekly massages- or at least bi-weekly. It can really change your perspective on life. I exited the Red Door feeling refreshed, revived, and ready for more late nights with Landon.

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