Tuesday, August 7, 2007

1pm, Still in PJs

At 1:30 today I was still wearing the t-shirt I slept in and a terry cloth robe, now untied, flapping behind me as I bounced Landon around our apartment. I was reminded, for the hundredth time, that I am no longer in control of my life. I'm used to schedules, to-do lists, neatness, and organization. Landon is now pretty much in charge of my schedule, my to-do list gets checked of a little slower, and the neatness/organization has taken a back seat to sleep. I've learned to make important decisions as soon as he falls asleep- what matters more to me, making something to eat or taking a shower? Would I rather write a blog post or answer email? Because whichever one I do first may be the only one I get to do until he falls asleep again.

For those first few days of his life I wondered why people thought babies were so hard. He would eat, fall asleep practically before he was even burped, and stay that way until he woke up a few hours later to eat again. But then he started staying awake after I fed him. I was flummoxed- what do you do with a 3-week old when he's awake? He's staying awake a little longer each day. This past weekend was the first time he stayed entirely awake for the 3 hours between feedings. Now I understand why you can't get much done with a baby. I'm not complaining- it's really not too bad. My schedule is totally cleared for him until school starts the last week of September. JP is an enormous help whenever he is home and we have lots of visits lined up to help me and keep me company. And of course, his flickers of a smile, his snuggles on my chest, and the way he relaxes in my arms eliminate any care I might have for the fact that my bath robe is now my most frequently worn piece of clothing.


  1. What do you do with him? Breathe him in, enjoy him, memorize every little fold of his sweet baby skin. They grow up so fast. Seems like just yesterday my little gloworm could fit in my husband's cupped hands and now he has so much energy I can't stand it! ;)

  2. For the first two weeks, I couldn't get how mothers ever left the bedroom and stopped looking at their babies. But...reality set in!

    I, too, am in PJs - and no surprise that I haven't eaten anything more than yogurt and dry frosted miniwheats. At least today I had some coffee (nuked from yesterday). Ah, how standards change!!

    I've taken to video recording Eden when she's awake and making quicktime movies out of them. It works. :)

    PS: get the cradle/swing if you don't have one already!

  3. What to do when he's awake? When you and he are in perfect, recovered health, take him on errands with you while he's still so portable. He'll be busy looking about; you'll get some time out of the house. He'll grow so fast you'll have to really entertain him, he'll refuse to go on errands and then...ahhh just you wait!

    Entertainer is one of those mommy job requirements, you know!

  4. Oh, yes, the swing was one of Pumpkinhead's favorite things. We had one on each floor of our house and at my Mom's.

  5. Oh, that first month or two. It gets easier, but it sounds like you're doing great. I think the best thing you can do at the beginning is just learn to go with the flow. A good piece of advice I got about newborns was: Just treat him like a handbag. Stick him in the carseat, stroller, or sling and go do whatever you want. (Of course, it helps if you're not too exhausted to get off the couch!)