Thursday, October 14, 2010

Same Hours, New View

I've been working a LOT lately. I'd say I'm right on the edge of the number of hours I can work while still saying reasonably happy (118 hours billed so far this month and we're not quite halfway through). Outside of my travels I haven't had to miss any family dinners, but I have worked every night after the kids have gone to sleep, and I'll admit that even I was in a grumpy when I was still working at midnight last Saturday. I finally shut myself in the study where I wouldn't be tempted to lash out at JP in my frenzy of frumpiness.

I flew to Denver late last night after a full day of deposition prep in Austin. Claire had been up off and on every hour the night before, I think because she knew I was leaving, so I was exhausted. My hotel room is no Presidential Suite (which, just for the record, was a free upgrade; I can't imagine ever actually booking or paying for a room like that), but it's very nice and has a lovely view off a room-length balcony. I'm sitting out on the balcony right now watching the sun set while I type and I am seriously considering a move to Denver. Once in my room last night I still had to draft our Objections to [confidential legal thingy], so I finished that at 12:30, sent it around to the group, and fell into my giant hotel bed at 1 a.m. I then woke up every few hours, absolutely certain I'd missed my alarm, until it went off at 6:30 when I was finally deeply asleep. For the millionth time I wished I'd figured out a way to like coffee, though room service with the most delicious bacon I've ever had helped ease the pain.

Today's deposition was good. I just finished up typing up my summary for the team and doing a few other work tasks. Now I'm going to relax for a whole 30 minutes before heading to a fancy dinner with the client. I'm always torn about work travel. On the one hand I really miss the kids and JP. I completely hate sleeping alone and I miss the cuddles from all three of my family members. But, I'm still nerdy and new enough at this (or maybe it's just that I grew up camping) that business trips with their airplanes and big fancy hotel rooms are exciting. And more seriously, I'd be working non-stop right now whether I was home or not. At least while I'm away I can work like that without the distractions of the office or home, and I can enjoy something like a fancy client dinner instead of just being annoyed that I have to attend any kind of after-work committment.

I fly home late tomorrow night, land at 11 pm, and then drive to Houston early Saturday morning for my grandpa's 80th birthday party. It's going to be a crazy weekend and I know I'm going to have to work a lot (this case is expedited and everything is due Tuesday). JP's birthday is Monday and daycare is closed and we were going to spend the whole day together as a family, but no more. I do have a fabulous birthday meal planned for him, so hopefully he won't mind delaying his turning 29 until Friday. I'm making a homemade cookie cake, along with other delicious things, so I don't think it will be a problem.

Where was I? So, business travel- fancy, tiring, good in limited quantities. Birthdays- awesome, sometimes inconveniently placed on the calendar. Denver- beautiful and tempting me with its mountainous majesty. Me- insanely tired, almost overworked, but having enough fun to know that I picked the right legal career.

I do miss these guys though:


  1. Hey, JP and my husband were born on exactly the same day! Happy birthday, boys!

    Sorry you're working so much. At least you won't have to worry about making your hours? But I hope it proves to be an anomaly of a month, not the new norm.

  2. Hope you're home soon to enjoy the fam! And more's the pity you're not in the presidential suite again. :)

    Happy b-day JP!

  3. I notice that Claire continues to rock the orange tutu. I hope you have a picture of her in just tutu and diaper, appropriate for taking to MS for the obligatory heredity/baby picture/genes unit...or is that permitted in TX? Older son (walking by) appreciates the look, too, and suggests bringing a picture out to ease first-date tensions (don't worry; he's MUCH her senior but he appreciates a cute, chunky baby.)

  4. That's a great picture!

    I admire your drive. Your busy makes my busy look like a vacation. And I'm pretty sure your house is cleaner too.

  5. Hope you had a great time at the birthday party and that you'll be able to enjoy some good, quality family time soon!

  6. Adorable picture! I definitely don't miss those kinds of working hours.

  7. Adorable picture!

    You are doing great, and I love to hear your musings on balance. Keep it up!

  8. Happened to look at your blog today, and noticed that Landon is 3 years, 3 months, and 3 days old.

  9. You need a pic of Claire in a pumpkin! I know a woman who's going in with 2 other moms to split the cost of a big-enough pumpkin!