Wednesday, October 6, 2010

12 Minute Blogging Break

No time for a real blog post, but if I twittered or micro-blogged, or if you were friends with me on facebook, this is some of what you might be reading:

The idea of another maternity leave is making me think seriously about a third baby.

15 hour days are not my favorite.

Getting five hours of sleep is worth still getting to have my family dinner every night, but at some point the scale might tip back towards sleep.

Is it too soon for the Frank Sinatra pandora station? Because I had it on while I doc reviewed at 10 pm last night with a holiday scented candle burning and the study windows open.

My Clairebear turned 4 months old on Monday. I just adore that little biscuit - there are no words to capture it. My love for her has to be expressed through the snuggles and giant smiles we take turns exchanging.

Business trip to Houston tonight/tomorrow and one to Denver next week. I really hope I can squeeze myself into one of my old suits... I could crash diet, but I already ate a giant sugar cookie with mini m&m's on top.

I love and appreciate JP and all that he does for me and the kids, but it drives me CRAZY when people act like he's so special or I'm so lucky just because he acts like the parent that he is to our children (and the partner that he is to me). Why would he give, and why would I expect, any less?

Diet coke is the elixir of the gods, particularly when paired with a 3:00 piece of chocolate.

Claire squawked at me on my conference call last night before I could put the phone on mute. There was a pause, and then everyone kept talking. I never explained and I wonder what they thought it was.

I'd forgotten what it was like to wake up after 5 hours of sleep to 15 new emails. This morning, I hid my blackberry under my pillow and fell back asleep for 30 minutes. I had a nice half-dream about a beach; a beach where I could hear a Clairebear cooing nearby but I couldn't find her. Turns out she was in her swing, next to our bed. When I found her, I realized I was awake and the emails were still there under my pillow.

Crap, I'm really concerned about the suit situation and I leave for Houston in 6 hours.


Back to work.


  1. I feel you on being too fat for your suit. It's a dilemma for me - I'm doing interviews, and busting out at the seams. Wondering whether it's worth investing in bigger one?? When I'm a poor law student??

    gah. Now I want to go eat a cookie.

  2. To the previous commenter: Eat the cookie and buy the new suit! When I was in law school, my friends and I would see the "seasoned" older and overweight female attorneys and SWEAR WE weren't going to let that happen to us!! We tried, but the years of desk work pile up as well as the lawyer lunches.. .. Everyone of us is what we swore we weren't going to become! Sadly, even at this stage, we are still having to buy new bigger suits for interviews. They just get a size or two larger with each job change...assuming you can FIND another job in this market!!!

  3. I love the comment about how you appreciate JP, but you don't feel like he's going out of his way. SO TRUE! My friends and I were discussing this last week. No one would think JP was super lucky to have you taking care of the kids if he was the one working long hours!

    My in-laws constantly comment that hubs and I are so lucky that my job is flexible and I will be able to take care of kids when that time comes. Every time they mention it, husband says, "Haven't you heard I'm going to be a stay at home dad? We're just waiting on Melissa to land that high paying job!" This is so not true, I'll probably never make more than him, despite the advanced degrees!

  4. I second what Melissa said. My husband doesn't like to travel, but he doesn't mind holding down the fort while I do. My first trip, I was gone for two weeks and left him with three kids in grade school. I did have to write out the long schedule that I keep in my head, but he did fine. Of course he did. He's a capable adult and he loves them as much as I do. I got very annoyed at all the people who were amazed that he was willing/able to do that.

  5. Every time I see a picture of Claire and her huge grin, it reminds me so much of Landon's baby pictures.

  6. So true about the husband being a parent. Do people not realize that men have been cheated BIG TIME with the whole stereotypical "Working Dad, SAHM" trip the Western World has been on for almost a century.

    A blog friend turned facebook friend constantly coos about how grateful she is that her husband taking care of their kids while she was down with the flu. Um...yeah. Like, that's his job too you know. I guess people have collectively forgotten this. Stereotypes are much more fun anyways! D'oh!

  7. Maria Nordin10/7/10, 8:04 AM

    Melissa, Mary, Jennie, (me-Maria)... I SO agree!!! He (they) are wonderful... but they SHOULD be! Just because some aren't, or most from the past weren't, doesn't make them saint-like. This behavior should be treated as the norm!!! It is normal, after all, is it not?

  8. Sounds busy LL. Tomorrow is my first day and this post has me totally scared. LOL. I'm thinking about a 4th baby just to go on maternity leave again. ;) It's SO worth it - you get all this (paid) time off AND an adorable baby to love. Hah! Seriously, though, I'm hanging out at 9 AM listening to a sweet baby "talk" to the animals on her mobile. This is the life!