Thursday, October 7, 2010


As I mentioned in my last dispatch, which I am shocked to realize was written only 24 hours ago, I ended up on an impromptu business trip to Houston last night. The partner I was traveling with wanted to leave as late as possible (1) to avoid traffic and (2) to let me put the kids to bed. So after a day spent frantically preparing for the witness interview, I got to go home and spend a few hours with the kidlets (while packing, answering emails, and organizing depo prep binders, but still, with the kids!). We ended up leaving Austin at 8:30 and drove up to the hotel about 11:15 p.m. We had to check back out at 7:30 a.m. for the 8:00 meeting and I was exhausted. I just wanted to strip, crawl in bed, and squeeze as much sleep out of my 8 hour stay as possible. I was also considering brushing my teeth and taking out my contacts, but honestly, as I was riding the elevator up to my room on the 22nd floor, those actions seemed negotiable.

Then I got up to my room. I had thought it odd that I needed to insert my room key into a slot in the elevator to select my floor, but figured maybe it was an after-hours thing. Then as I was walking down the hall I noticed the room numbers weren't going up near fast enough for me to ever hit mine. But suddenly after 2210, it jumped to 2222- a large mahogany door that stood out starkly against the others. I inserted my key and walked in.

Once past the foyer, I was greeted by this (and sorry for the terrible quality, it's my blackberry phone):

A dining table set for 10 with a huge stone fireplace, TV, and additional benches and seating.

Holy crap.

A kitchen, stocked with my own ice maker.

A TV room and sitting area.

And, lastly, the only thing I really wanted and needed, the bedroom:

and a very nice bathroom which inspired me to do the whole wash my face, brush my teeth, take out my contacts routine after all.

It was amazing and I only got to spend 60 waking minutes in it. I didn't even sit in more than 2 of the 39 seats available in the space. Now that I'm back at my desk in Austin, it pretty much just feels like a dream that I was ever there at all.

Back to work.


  1. SO COOL! I don't even know about hotel rooms like that! Amazing.

  2. WOAAAH! that was AWESOME! That totally sucks that you didn't get to truly enjoy it.

  3. Lovely! The best I got out of practice was a B&B in the rural part of my state. I'd take yours in a heartbeat!

  4. Looks like you firm could save a lot of money by going lean. I remember when my company used to pay for rooms like that. It was awesome.

  5. The room cost $195 (billed to client). It's our regular corporate rate at this hotel, it's just part of our contract to get upgrades whenever they're available and apparently this one was available for me!

  6. I'm glad you explained. The room is awesome, but the thought of billing a client for what it is probably worth (especially for only 8 hours of use for one person) seems excessive in this economy. Knowing about the great deal lets me be excited vicariously without the vicarious guilt.

  7. Wow, you always get the best upgrades when it comes to hotel rooms! Jeal!!