Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Busy Bee

Know what's annoying? When a personally constantly talks about how busy they are. It is a huge pet peeve of mine. My mother-in-law used to get on the phone with me and spend an hour talking about how much she had to do. I always thought it would be much better if she'd hang up the freaking phone and DO whatever it was that was so pressing.

So, in order to not tell you how busy I am (though my gap between posts is usually a good indicator), look, I got JP to take pictures before work this morning!

(ok, actually I took that one)

The ClaireBiscuit was looking super cute in her leg warmers and I was wearing a suit that up until a week ago still didn't fit, so pictures seemed like a good idea. So what if this suit used to be so big I couldn't wear it without my pants falling down, and all the work pants I bought post-2007 still don't fit yet-- my available wardrobe options have expanded a little more and that's worth celebrating.

Also worth celebrating? My first full night's sleep in many days. And again, so what if it's only because I took two prescription sleeping pills and, for the first time ever in my marriage, slept apart from my husband while we were under the same roof? He woke up flummoxed as to my whereabouts (upstairs guest bedroom), but I came downstairs rested and refreshed and singing. And other than a whole lot of not-going-to-write-it text about my busyness, that's all I've got today! Happy Tuesday to you all.


  1. Love the leg warmers. Love the shoes. These pictures are full of fashion WIN.

    And I regularly sleep apart from my flailing, cuddling, snoring, elbow jabbing husband. I fully recommend it once in a while, if you really need a deep and refreshing snooze.

    You look great!

  2. You and your baby are so cute! And i'm so jealous about a full, uninterrupted night of sleep! I wish that I could have one myself!

  3. Claire is too cute in the leg warmers. I wonder what she is smiling at in the picture with you? What a happy baby :)

  4. You look fantastic! From the pictures, I just assumed you were all done losing the baby weight.

  5. Claire is always smiling!!! She is so cute, she honestly made my morning (once again).
    You look great Lag! No hint that you've even had two children!

  6. Don't you love being tall? I am just NOW (my child will be 3 in January)getting into my pre-pregnancy clothes, but everyone thought I lost all of my baby weight a couple of months post-delivery. I think us tall ladies (I'm 5'9") can deceive everyone easier... :)

  7. You look great, and I of course love the pretty shoes you are wearing too!

  8. The first picture is desk worthy. Good to see you this weekend. Wish I hadn't felt so spastic and tired!