Thursday, May 28, 2009

Recharged and Refreshed and Red-Headed

Since our latest big deadline passed on Tuesday, I've been able to use the past two days to catch up on life. Yesterday was all about errands and cleaning and continuing to work on Landon's big boy room and today I focused on cleaning my overflowing desk and inbox and organizing things around the house (with a lunch date with JP and a trip to a new playground with Landon somewhere in between). It's nice to get a little breather to keep from feeling overwhelmed with all the non-work related tasks in my life. The latest round of home improvements are nearly done- we just have one more ceiling fan to install and a few finishing touches in Landon's room.

This weekend three of my best friends from law school fly in from Manhattan and D.C. and I could not be more excited. I miss my law school girl friends ten times more than I even miss Chicago. I started dating JP my first week of college and since he was already a junior, I pretty much just hung out with the team and his friends. It wasn't until law school that I found a close group of my own. Or maybe they found me. Regardless, I miss them terribly and am so excited that almost every one has been able to make a trip down to Austin to see me, my new city, and their adopted nephew.

And this has nothing to do with the above, but one of the other things I accomplished yesterday was organizing my pictures from the past two months. Among them was this one:

It's not really a keeper and would have been deleted except for the fact that seeing it made me realize my hair is officially red. Not blonde, which I almost wrote on last summer's Texas driver's license application- I was blonde for 16 years and it's a hard association to shake, not even strawberry-blonde, which I was for the first few years my hair decided to change, it's red. And Landon's is quite curly, when it was so straight up until a few months ago. Apparently we don't need salons or hair treatments here, we just need the passage of time to change up our 'dos.

(Also, I fixed the pictures in the last post and added another. I'm not sure what happened to them earlier)


  1. this should be an advirtisement for pantene pro v or some kind of shampoo!!!

  2. Glad you have some breathing room! I hate that feeling of never catching up. Have a nice weekend with your girls! I also found my group of girlfriends in grad school. Something about going through a shared hard experience together I think.

  3. My hair is becoming more red each year... it's so weird how our entire appearance can change so much even once we're adults!