Monday, May 4, 2009

Puppy Love

Landon loves his puppies. His pretend one (creatively named "Puppy"):

And his real ones.

Given the large, furry role they play in our lives, I'm surprised I haven't written more about Rosie and Tex. And I can't talk about them without putting in a huge plug for SNIPSA, the organization that saved them from being euthanized in a San Antonio pound. SNIPSA works with local pounds to rescue the best of the dogs and then fosters them with a volunteer until they find their forever home. This is a wonderful way to find your pet because the dogs are used to living with a family (and other pets) and the foster family can tell you so much about the dog's personality. It breaks my heart to think of those left behind, but at least I know that because we adopted two, two more dogs were able to be saved. Please, please if you want to get a dog, find one through a rescue or adoption organization near you.

This is Rosie, our 80-lb. princess. She was an emaciated 40 lb. hairless sack of bones when she was brought in. They think she had been a stray for months, but you'd never know it from her sunny personality. She's not the brightest animal, but I think that actually saved her from being affected by her difficult life. She has the memory of a goldfish and would willingly go home with anyone who gave her a few pets and a smile. She has an enormous capacity and need for love and is so gentle Landon can take a ball out of her mouth. She's at least 7 years old, but doesn't act like it. She'll run circles around Tex until she suddenly gets tired and lays down for power nap. Then it's back up and at it again!

Tex is our noble man (note his dignified stillness in the above pictures). His heart belongs to JP and he loves Landon and me only as an extension of his master. He's a worrier and seems to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. The only time he's truly carefree is just before he gets his food, then he jumps way up into the air with a giant smile on his face. This love of food has given him love handles and he's now on a strict diet- every time he gets his bowl of a few kibbles mixed with green beans he looks so depressed, but the added weight was giving him hip pain so I know it's good for him. He spends a lot of his rolling his eyes at Rosie and staying at high alert, walking the perimeter or our yard or making rounds around the house to check on everyone. He also likes to show off his sexy white racing stripe.

And this is our 30-lb, curly headed Landon.

He's full of mischief and giggles and can't walk by one of his dogs without stopping to give them a hug. Every morning when one of us carries him downstairs, he still points and exclaims "DOG!" when he catches sight of them.

As crazy as our house can be with over 200 lbs. of animal in it (including the toddler), I wouldn't want it any other way.


  1. I love this! Your family is wonderful!

  2. I totally agree with you about adopting from a rescue group...I got my dog Harry from a group in Denver...he had a lot of health issues, but he is better now and is the best Golden Retriever buddy ever. And my dog Sally was adopted from Paw Match (, a no-kill shelter in Austin that also works to rescue dogs that would otherwise be euthanized at other shelters. It breaks my heart to think of all the animals that aren't saved, but I'm glad that I've got my two and happy that two more can be saved in their place.

  3. Oh my god, he is getting so big. He's adorable.

  4. Cute puppies! (okay, I know *technically* they're dogs, but I'm sticking with puppies)
    We had a dog that looked a lot like your Tex when I was in high school...Nick - the dumbest animal I've ever encountered :) But he was loving!

  5. Beautiful babies, all three!

  6. I absolutely love how much cuddly love is in your family! Also, totally agree that rescuing animals is the way to go...we rescued both our cats and they have the best dispositions (well...for cats at least). we go look at the rescue dogs they have by the farmer's market every weekend and can't wait until the day we can bring one (or two) home with us!

  7. Love LOVE Landon's curly hair! it's getting so long! I don't remember his curls before. And you guys are so sweet to adopt those dogs. They sound like great furry friends!