Saturday, July 26, 2008

Traveling as a Pack

So it's 2:00 and I haven't started studying (ummm the Bar is how many days away?) but I SWEAR I'm going to soon. We just got back from a big family outing to PetSmart and the dogs did great (Landon did too, but now that his car seat is forward facing he's much more amenable to car rides). Hope/Rosie was perfect as a little girl gave her lots of pets and Jude/Tex was just very excited about the whole thing. There were about a million dogs there and they ignored them completely, other than a few introductory sniffs. At one point JP was holding Landon and I was holding both leashes and I realized the two dogs combined weigh more than I do. Luckily they're pretty good with the leash, but we're going to sign up for doggy training classes too. It was funny to be there as this entourage of five- I would have laughed a few years ago if you'd told me I'd be living in Suburbia, heading to PetSmart with my husband, 1-year-old, and 2 giant dogs.

We bought the dogs personalized tags, as per the rescue organization's requirements. Tex got a Longhorn tag that looks smashing against his black fur and Rosie has a pink heart that matches her polka dotted collar. I think the dogs are wearing them proudly. Then we went to FreeBirds for some delicious burritos (Chipotle tries but it cannot compare). The dogs sat with us at the table outside (it was very classic Austin) and Landon ate a whole cheese quesadilla! He's eating really well in general and is doing great with his cups and whole milk- I packed all the bottles away last week!

I've basically living my post-Bar life without my life actually being post-Bar. I loved being out with my guys today. As we were driving down the highway JP put his hand on my knee and said, "it's good to have you with us" and he really meant it. I've missed these little mundane things too. One of the hardest things about the Bar has been losing my weekends and evenings (basically all down time)- I took more down time than I probably should have, but always with that depressing feeling that I shouldn't be. I can't wait to regain my normal family life.

So yeah, Consumer Law... I need to get on that. (And Texas Real Property and Guardianship and Civil Procedure and the MPT and reviewing those six MBE topics...)


  1. I just started studying for my essays about 5 minutes ago...and I'm already reading blogs. This should go well!

  2. yay- just a taste of life "post-bar" will be!