Thursday, July 17, 2008

In Good Company

Google searches that have brought people to my blog over the past 7 days:

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Everyone take one big deep breath and let it out slowly. Now, go watch some mindless TV or bake cookies - or both, preferably baking the cookies first so you can eat them while watching TV. Even better, find a giggly one year old you can borrow for an hour. You and your baby friend can fret over the Runaway Bunny and then bang plastic blocks on the tile floor and laugh at the loud sound it makes. Then go home, fill a glass with crushed ice and diet coke (or hard liquor, your call) and continue on with your studies. You will be fine. We will all be fine.


  1. How about a big glass of wine? Does that work too?

  2. Wine definitely works too. I'm just having a little love affair right now with the crushed ice that comes out of our fridge dispenser.

    I actually studied agency and partnerships last night while sipping a lovely cabernet.

  3. You have got the right attitude for sure. So much of your success on the Bar--just like any other test--has to do with your state of mind. I don't know anyone who has been able to maintain the zen attitude all the way through to the end (so don't freak out if you eventually freak out a little), but hold on to it as long as you can.

  4. BWAHAHAHA. It's not going to be as bad as people think. At least that's what I keep telling myself ... though I don't have to take the bar until February.

  5. I am a complete lurker - love your blog.

    I took the NY bar (too) many years ago - 10 to be exact. I stayed at a hotel near the test site the night before the exam to get away from everything. Two minutes after entering my room, I peeked out the window and saw groups of people checking in under stacks of Bar Bri review books. I had a panic attack since I left all my study aids at home and promptly left the hotel to see a movie. (Airforce One!) Best thing I ever did - just to relax and let go a bit, rather than stressing out the night before. (I still can't watch Airforce One though without feeling sick to my stomach a little bit.)

    Lots of luck to you. You'll do great!


  6. Love it! Maybe I should tell my husband your advice as he takes the CA bar in 2 weeks.

  7. I adore you. I swear, I have always wanted to go back to law school and you are making me believe that I can do it -- I have a very similar attitude about things (like, the rejuvenating powers of a 1 year old!) and you give me hope! KNOCK 'EM DEAD!

  8. you are the only person i "know" who is taking the bar this summer as well and your blog is a tremendous comfort to me. i am ridiculously unprepared so far (i took and passed another state's bar two years ago, just enough time to forget things but think i know them...) and prone to panic- your attitude is really calming and helpful. plus, it doesn't get any cuter than landon.
    you're gonna rock the texas bar BTW.