Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's Really Happening

I received my admission ticket for the Bar Exam in the mail today. Apparently, four weeks from today, I will be two days down, with one to go. I think I should start getting scared, but four weeks sounds like an awfully long time- I only graduated law school 2.5 weeks ago and we were in Chicago 5 weeks ago. So I continue to plug along with the lectures and little else. My goal is to finish the lectures tomorrow, which is about 6 days ahead of the Austin barbri schedule. Then I'll make my "July Study Schedule" (oh yes, all caps, it's serious stuff now) and start going to the office.

At home, this is my study space:

That is one of our new couches. It is the perfect level of softness and support and I know it is the reason I was able to take that nap last week. It is also not anywhere near my laptop, which means I've been terrible about returning emails, but really good about staying up with my lecture catch up schedule. This is how I spend every minute Landon is napping, every evening after he goes to bed, and any time JP takes the little guy out of the house for errands or to splash in the pool: I place one large pillow behind me for back support, sit cross-legged in the corner, place another large pillow on my lap, put the snazzy clip board on top of that, put the iPod on the coffee table (amongst the baby carrots, blue cheese vinaigrette dressing, cup of water, diet coke, house phone, cell phone, and stack of MBE workshop notes I still plan to type up), pick up my blue pen with comfort grip (my snazzy pen had no comfort grip and has been banished after leaving a bruise on my finger from all the frantic note taking at the workshop), press play and enter the magical world of Texas civil procedure. Sometimes I like to throw in a big stack of chocolate chip cookies or a box of Nilla Wafers. Ah, preparing for the Bar, it is so glamorous.


  1. that study space totally beats a library desk ANYDAY!

  2. Looks very comfortable.... and tasty! Good luck.

  3. That study set-up is flawless. It's sad that you'll have to forego it for the office, but I'm sure you'll study from home a few days a week (or at least I would). You have officially convinced me to do Ipod BarBri next year!

  4. I love the new header with the pic of Landon. So cute!!! The books are taller than him, YIKES!

    I'm sending you the best of luck on the Bar (not that you need it!!).

    Super Congrats on your gorgeous house.

  5. can I pet your couch? I want me some le-thuh, but need to be sure my nutball cat won't try to scratch it.

  6. Beautiful! Glad you have a setup that's working well so far.