Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Posts That Aren't Being Written

Every day I think of things I would be writing about if my life and my blog weren't dominated by Landon and his medical and sleep adventures. Here are a few of the topics that would be, but aren't:

~ Cottage Cheese. I discovered cottage cheese on Monday. I'm not sure why I had never had it before, but I bought some for Landon because I heard it was a good "first food". He spit out his first bite, looked terribly offended, and then threw up a little for good measure. For some reason, even after seeing that reaction, I had an urge to try it- and I found it quite tasty. So far my favorite combination is cottage cheese, halved grape tomatoes, fresh cracked pepper, and kosher salt. It is mild and creamy and delicious. And 4 ounces has 22% of your daily protein. I welcome any other accompaniment suggestions.

~ M&A. I am going to love this class. It's taught by my favorite professor (the one who was so wonderful during all the DCFS stuff) and I love the subject matter. It's practical, modern, and covers the area of law I am going to practice. I find it odd that the class ratio is so heavily male. What is it about corporate law that keeps the women away?

~ Bad Lawyers. I'm also taking Legal Profession this quarter. Today I read a case about an attorney who screwed up so many times I think he should have been disbarred. His client had won a $10 million verdict against a doctor who caused permanent physical and mental handicaps during the delivery of her daughter. The lawyer then wrote a letter, based on NO research, to the doctor and told him they would only collect against his insurance and not his personal property. Turns out the doctor had substantial personal wealth and no malpractice insurance, but the letter was held as a bar to recovering against the doctor's estate. The woman, with her $10 million judgment, didn't get a penny. The lawyer then screwed up the appeal twice by forgetting to file documents and then lying to a judge about those documents. His defense was that he had ADD which is protected by the ADA. He was ultimately suspended for two years and required to be monitored when he reentered practice. I would have disbarred him. If you're going to tell me that you have a disability that renders you completely incompetent as a lawyer, to the point where you lie to a judge and your client, and you cause permanent, irreparable harm to your client because of your negligence, you shouldn't be practicing law.

~ Life Insurance. We're finally getting some (terrible, I know, we meant to get it before Landon was born, but then he showed up early and then we got busy and full of excuses). It's very odd to calculate how much you should insure yourself for. Although it was kind of fun to correct the insurer as to who the "bread winner" would be for our family. If I die in the next thirty years, JP will get a lot of money. This should not give him any incentives during our death match political debates that are growing increasingly heated with every day we get closer to the election.

~ The Move. I think about this a lot. I truly love Chicago and I will miss it a lot. But I'm very excited about the house, about Austin, and about starting something new. I love beginnings, but this is one of the first endings I'm really, deeply sad about.

Each of those could be their own posts, but they're not because I have a baby who requires me to use this blog for emotional support and to keep family and friends (and friendly strangers) updated on the often bizarre happenings in his little life. I'm not writing about those things because I'm preoccupied with googling reasons why we're seeing both an endocrinologist and a geneticist and everyone is in a rush to get the appointment made. We go to the pediatrician's (AGAIN) tomorrow morning to get a bunch of blood drawn for the labs the endocrinologist wants done before Landon's first appointment. God I wish the substantial paper I still haven't started was the most stressful thing in my life, but right now it's not even on the radar.


  1. I only eat cottage cheese in my lasagna so I am no help there. I'm glad you like your classes or at least one of them. The move is exciting too. It is so cool to have a home that is yours and a garage. I can't say enough wonderful things about having a garage.

  2. My father eats his cottage cheese on peaches.

  3. Obviously this is not high on the list of things to care about, but I really like cottage cheese and fresh pineapple!

  4. First of all, good luck tomorrow at the appt!

    Cottage cheese is awesome. I posted a recipe on my blog recently for baked ziti that includes a cup of it. I also enjoy baked potatoes with cottage cheese, probably better for you than sour cream. I also like to have baked chicken with a side of cottage cheese...they are just tasty together. My mom pairs cottage cheese with ketchup...but I don't recommend this...contrary to her belief, ketchup is not good on everything.

  5. Keeping with the fruit theme in these comments, cottage cheese and fresh strawberries got me hooked, although I'm definitely going to try your tomato creation :)

  6. I second the cottage cheese & pineapple suggestion, but note that I always use canned pineapple because it's so much more convenient.

  7. Cottage Cheese is awesome with fruit, esp. pineapple, peaches, or strawberries.Though I prefer my lasagna with Ricota.

  8. I put cottage cheese with macaroni and tomatoes for a lower fat homemade mac & cheese. It's also great on baked potatoes with salsa. I eat cottage cheese with pineapple or peaches or blueberries. YUM. :)

    You know your future firm will give you a bunch of free life insurance and you can increase it for a very small additional amount per month out of your check (for you and JP)? Usually you can cover your spouse up to half of what you are covered for and that can be a very high amount.

  9. I love cottage cheese with fresh blueberries, but of course this isn't an option the entire year. I have a baked mac&cheese recipe that uses ziti, cottage cheese, cream cheese, eggs, and a bunch of other yummy creamy things - not for the lactose intolerant, but delicious. I'm definitely going to try your creation - I have some cottage cheese in the fridge right now!

  10. 1. pineapple
    2. peaches
    3. potatoes
    4. on a salad


  11. When I get sick of sandwiches for lunch, I bring cottage cheese with peaches, crackers, and some other kind of fruit or veggies.

  12. Ditto to everyone who said cottage cheese and fruit. Except don't get the premixed crap in the store. Get real fresh fruit. Amazing.

    We used to eat it all the time in the summer with fresh green beans too. I can eat whole containers at one sitting. (Of course, then I feel like barfing, so I wouldn't recommend it!)