Tuesday, April 15, 2008

9 Months

Dear big man (a.k.a. little man, handsome, cutie, and so many other names),

Congratulations, you're 3/4 of a year old! I look at pictures of you like this:

and it seems like so long ago that we took you home from the NICU. I think back on the days when you spent most of your time asleep and how your dad and I would get so excited every time you opened your eyes or moved your hands, and I can't believe how much you've changed. I took this video of you last night after your bath. You've just recently figured out how to roll in both directions - it was like all of a sudden the whole process clicked in your brain and now you can't get enough of it! Any time we lay you down, you're off rolling and you look over at us with such a proud expression. Here, you start out a little camera shy, but soon get to showing off your rolling skills:

It's those moments that make me feel like I can't possibly get enough of you. Rolling on the spare bed in your room is your new favorite activity. There's a stuffed bear that you love to wrestle with; as soon as we lay you down, you start rolling around looking for him.

You also like your baby Bevo.

You have such a personality now. You love Maya and your babies at daycare. I think you recognize the hallway to her apartment and get your big smile ready for your friends as we get closer to the door. Maya just loves you and calls you her "good boy" - even when you're not! You are starting to become more accepting of non-pureed food and get very frustrated when you can't get the little pieces into your mouth. Your sleeping has gotten marginally better since you got ear tubes, but we still have a long way to go. You continue to love bath time and have recently decided that splashing water is hilarious. You are fascinated with Lilly and get very excited when she gets close to you - which she does surprisingly often given how hard you sometimes pull on her fur. You two must have a special bond because she always takes your abuse without reaction.

You are trying very hard to crawl, but you still have a tough time moving your knees. We do lots of practicing at home - you think it's very funny when mommy crawls on the floor with you, and especially when I crawl over you!

I write a lot about the hardships that have come with being a parent (especially, being your parent!) and I want to make sure I have all the little things I love about being your mom recorded too. So here's a top 10, in no particular order, of the things I will miss the most from this stage of your life:

  1. How happy you are when I come in to get you from your crib in the morning. As much as I like to sleep in, I also look forward to the mornings it's mine turn to get you - never has anyone been so utterly delighted to see me as you are each and every morning.
  2. The way your whole body shakes with excitement when I get out the Cheerio's box.
  3. How hard you try to pick up the Cheerio's and put them in your mouth. So far you can pick them up just fine, but you can't figure out how to transfer them from your fist to your mouth. You've tried putting the whole first in your mouth, but you pull it out with the Cheerio still inside. You'll discard those defective O's and try the same tactic with a new Cheerio. I'm sure you'll figure it out soon, but until then, it's very entertaining!
  4. Your wide variety of squeaks. Sometimes the noises that come out of your mouth surprise even you!
  5. The way your arms and legs move when you get excited while lying on your back
  6. The new way you give us hugs. Sometimes when we're holding you, you'll pull in close for a few seconds and then push back out. The fact that you could push away all the time, but you choose to come in close for a little bit, makes it so much better than the automatic cuddling you did as a newborn.
  7. The surprised look you get on your face when you sneeze.
  8. How much you like being wrapped up in your monkey towel after a bath. You clutch your little hands to the top of the towel as I wrap it around you and look so cute I can barely stand it.
  9. How you snuggle in to me during your nighttime bottle. I sing you songs and you make little sighs as I put you up on my shoulder and carry you to your room. Just before I put you in bed, I sing and sway back and forth as you slump down on my chest, almost like you're a (21 lb.) newborn again.
  10. How excited you get when you see your daddy. A few months ago, just when he needed it most, you started giving him special attention. Whenever you caught a glimpse of him, you would stop whatever you were doing and give him your very best smile. You still do that and the bond you two have makes me very happy- even if it means daddy gets more smiles than I do.

The last 9 months have not been easy for our little family. I'm so grateful that you won't remember any of the bad and that your joyful spirit and personality seem unaffected by all the drama that often surrounds you. Someone told me earlier this month that God carefully selects parents for the babies waiting to be born, and cheesy as it sounds, it was something I really needed to hear at the time. You are a greater joy than I could ever have imagined and when I look at you and see your big smile and the way you attack each challenge in front of you (like getting that Cheerio in your mouth), all the obstacles, the sleeplesness, and the hour I just spent on the phone with our insurance company trying to get your eyebrow surgery covered, fade away. You, Landon, are our little miracle and I love you with an intensity that almost scares me.

The next few months are going to be so exciting with our big move to Texas, the new house, a family wedding, and mommy's graduation. I know you're going to love all the attention and the increased rolling space in our new family room. And if you could do me just one little favor and start sleeping through the night sometime before the bar exam, that would be really great.

Love you,


  1. Awwww....what a beautiful big boy. He is so freaking cute. It has been a hard first year but I know that smile makes it all worth it.

  2. That video was so sweet! What a big boy. Here's to sleeping 12 hours and mastering that Cheerio thing within the week!!

  3. Aww . . .

    Sumo Baby does that same thing (except that he eats those Graduates finger foods banana flavored cereal things instead of Cheerios) . . . though once every maybe 10 attempts he actually gets one in there! Poor kid.

    He's gorgeous!

  4. First of all, let me just say how shocking it is that Landon likes baths given his parents ;-) I love how he is talking to you in the video - so cute! Can't wait to give him big hugs and squeezes!

  5. Oh my gosh!! How can you stand the cuteness???! I loved the video -- another smile you gave me -- just when I needed one.
    Thank you. :)

  6. Care to comment on the hundreds of FLDS children taken by Texas CPS?

  7. look at those long legs! he's gonna be tall! i hope he follows in his parents footsteps and swims for texas ;)

  8. He is a DOLL! He really looks like you both! Congrats on 9 crazy/wonderful months!

  9. happy big 3/4, landon! pretty soon you'll be moving beyond 0 for the big 1! does that sound crazy or what? i feel the same way about turning 30 soon.

    please tell your mother that her stories about you make me very excited to meet my little spark soon.

  10. This post is so sweet. The video is ADORABLE - his smile melts my heart. My 3 year old saw the video too and she said "Mommy, can we get a new baby?" I told her to go ask her father LOL! So the universal consensus in this household is that Landon is gorgeous...and he's giving us baby fever.

    Happy 9 months Landon!!!

  11. Hopefully you'll hang on to #1 for a while longer. My 21 month old still gets excited (and I also still get a thrill from those morning smiles).

  12. Awwwwwwwwww! Tear, sniff, sniff, tear. I am a pregnant, emotional wreck! Thank you for sending me over the edge.

  13. That video was the best way to start this morning!

  14. its so fun to watch pictures of the transgression of baby growth. He's a cutie, not bevo, but Landon :)

  15. Oh, he'a just getting cuter and cuter!

    It's shocking how fast time flies ... enjoy every second!

  16. LOVE the video!! The little grunt he makes near the end, like he's saying, "HEH, I did it, dudes. I Am Awesome." is particularly adorable.

  17. happy 3/4's b-day buddy! That video is hilarious and so friggin' cute! I love his laugh!
    we finally figured out our pincher grab so those Gerber poofs are finally making it into Cooper's desparate mouth!...we'll keep our fingers crossed that Landon will get a cheerio in his mouth very very soon! :)

  18. I will admit it, if you promise to keep it a secret: I am jealous of your baby. He is the most adorable baby I have ever seen. Ever.