Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Overwhelming Chaos

I very rarely get overwhelmed. With the small exception of the entire second half of 1L year, I'm usually able to keep an upbeat attitude amidst to-do lists, deadlines, and general chaos. Returning home from Texas Sunday night to an unpacked apartment and non-existent nursery, with my family coming to visit this Friday, with a cracked car windshield, and starting a new job in 12 hours got me overwhelmed. I wanted to curl up in a ball, close my eyes, and make it all go away.

Monday didn't get much better. At some point during our cross-country drive (I think it might have been Missouri) a rock flew out from under a truck, directly at my face in the passenger seat, and cracked my windshield from top to bottom. Glass shards flew around the inside and outside of the car, but the middle layer of the windshield held strong (which is a really good thing since it was raining and we didn't want to have to find a car glass place in a really tiny midwest town). Once I recovered from the shock of seeing a rock fly at my face, I was pretty much just annoyed that now I had another item on my to-do list. At my first day of work yesterday I got a huge assignment with an urgent Thursday morning deadline- soooo not what I wanted to start with. I still managed to sneak out early with the intention of getting my car fixed. Unfortunately the el and buses were insanely slow and it took me nearly an hour to get home to my car, and then the traffic was terrible getting to the car place. I got there right when they were supposed to close and begged them (almost through tears) to take me anyway. They were awesome and did the job quickly, cheaply, and perfectly. If you ever need a a car glass place- Pilsen Auto Glass is your place. I then went to Target and Bed Bath & Beyond to spend a fortune on stuff to help organize our apartment. I got home at 8:30 totally exhausted and worked with JP to unpack until 11.

Today I got to the office really early to work through more of the awful assignment- it's on a confusing topic I know nothing about. I escaped for a doctor's appointment at 10 (everything looks great- blood pressure back to normal- kind of surprising giving the last few days). When I returned I found out the firm was "closing" at 3pm so everyone could start their holiday early. I had to stay until 5:30 anyway to get my assignment finished, but it is finished, and when I got home I decided the apartment wasn't so awful. We've definitely made progress and I now believe that someday I will come home from work, sit on the couch, and turn on the TV because there won't be a single thing for me to put away. I'm guessing I'll get a week of laziness, max, before our bouncing baby boy arrives to throw everything into chaos again.

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  1. Girl that does sound really tough! I'm sure your place will be quite lovely in no time. Have a wonderful 4th!