Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Mission Accomplished

We put in a full 10 hours of physical labor today and the apartment is finished. Not just unpacked, but organized, cleaned, and decorated- and it looks great! Everything ended up fitting pretty well and I think it's going to be a great place for us to live for the next year. JP even put together the crib and changing table in the nursery- we now have a place for our son to sleep! (Well, the crib is currently full of his other possessions while we wait to buy a set of shelves, but still it's there!). We also have our first bit of baby creep- I cleared out a shelf in the kitchen for the assorted baby feeding accessories we've received as shower gifts. So far all the baby stuff has been segregated in its own piles, so seeing bottles and baby spoons right next to our drinking glasses was strange (but a good/exciting kind of strange).

Now I'm just sitting here in our beautiful living room, reveling in the fact that there is nothing left for me to do except watch TV and cuddle with JP!


  1. Congratulations on being done and able to enjoy it!

  2. YaY! (I'm totally in awe of all your accomplished tasks.)