Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Honoring the Legal Secretary

No one at my Chicago Firm has been more concerned about my "condition" than the legal secretaries in the office. My back was really hurting by the end of last week. I mentioned it to two secretaries who had come into my office to say hello and they sprang into action. One got a bouncy ball she had sat on while she was pregnant- that helped quite a bit after all the unpacking and organizing I had been doing at the new apartment. Another went to Staples last night, found a back rest to put on my chair, sought approval to purchase it, and placed it on my desk chair as a surprise for me this morning. I am so grateful for their help and concern. I don't have a working relationship with a legal secretary yet (I'm pretty sure half the projects I do are ones normally handed out to the attorney's secretary), but I know mine will be an invaluable resource one day and I look forward to repaying him or her with the same kindness these secretaries have shown me.

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  1. Good for you, LL!! We legal secretaries have a tough job and are rarely appreciated but we can be your best ally in the office. It really is a good mother hen kind of position because men are babies, especially attorney men. LOL! The fact that you can accept those secretaries' kind acts and appreciate them will mean so much to them. A good legal secretary knows that whatever makes the attorney happy and keeps her billing ultimately keeps the firm happy/profitable and then gets back to her in bonuses and raises. What goes around comes around, right?

    P.S. Massage was a lifesaver to me when I was pregnant with killer sciatica from 14 weeks on. You can also get a tennis ball and have your hubby rub it across your rear end along that nerve. Very helpful!