Sunday, July 1, 2007


We're back in Chicago. The drive was fine except for the 3 hours it took to go the last 50 miles into the city- very frustrating to be so close and move so slow.

I am staring at the complete disaster that is our apartment and feeling completely overwhelmed. I can't imagine what JP faced during those first few days- he did a lot of work and it's still barely livable. I just got a "Week 35" update email from one of the pregnancy websites I signed up with in the early days and it says I should have my hospital bag packed. Packed? I have to spend at least the next 2 weeks unpacking. Usually a daunting to-do list launches me into action, but right now I just want to curl up in a little ball on the couch and cry. Except I can't because the couch is covered with stuff. Perhaps I'll clear myself a spot on the floor.

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  1. Unless there is something you *must* have during labor, don't worry. I packed a bag but the only things we pulled out of it were the camera, a "New Dad" t-shirt for my husband to wear (yes, we're cheesy!) and going home clothes for the baby. With the exception of the camera, all of these items can be brought from home after labor. I used the hospital's nightgowns because who wants to be messy on one of your own? So unless you have music to labor by or some other planned thing, don't stress yourself about this! Glad you're home safe.