Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Law School Intrusion

Yesterday, in between midwife visits, vitals checks, and visiting the NICU, I received an email about my student loans for next year. Apparently I had screwed something up on the application (which I manage to do in some way every year) and had to reapply for all my loans. It was the first email I've gotten since Sunday from someone who didn't know I'd just had a baby- it was strange to realize that the rest of the world is just going about it's business. I corresponded with the very helpful financial aid advisor, re-filled out all my forms, and received confirmation that my tuition would be covered when classes begin in the Fall. Every time I replied to her I was tempted to mention that I was writing the email from a hospital bed, but I resisted. Besides, she may have seen my absolute failure to ever apply for loans properly as a bad indicator of my ability to care for another human being.


  1. On the plus side, at least she told you. :) What a mess it would have been if you'd showed up in August and had to pay or take an emergency loan.

  2. On the more mercenary side:

    Nah, let L&D work for you -- people will gush and love to do things to help you out. It's nice for you and it makes them feel good about themselves, too.