Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunny Sunday

So this was our on Friday: freezing, snow on the ground, city shut down.

And this was our weather today: sunny, blue skies, 75 degrees.

Landon and I lived outside as much as possible today. After church we ate a picnic lunch on the patio while Claire took her nap. I was actually hot in jeans and short-sleeved shirt. I thought about putting on shorts but wasn't sure I could handle the pasty, squishy state of my legs this early in the year. Claire woke up and I changed her into her superman shirt at Landon's request (he likes to match, and that's really they're only matching ensemble). We spread a blanket on the back deck and soaked up some indirect sunlight for 2+ hours. The kids played with a fisher price farm and the Noah's Ark animals that now live there, and I read a book on my kindle. It was fabulous. Days like today make me wonder if I'd really move back to Chicago if given the chance.

The rest of the day was just as nice. JP got home from coaching earlier than usual (2 pm). He went on a run with the dogs (with Lanman pedaling furiously behind them on his Spiderman big wheel) and I made assorted Super Bowl snacks for our little party. One of our Indian friends from business school came over and I got to learn a lot about football while he asked questions of JP throughout the game. I usually don't care enough to ask why the men jumping on each other on the field are doing what they're doing, but it was interesting to learn out some of the strategy behind all the running and falling down. Plus, I got to make queso, 7-layer dip, and shredded bbq chicken and call it dinner! My grandpa is a HUGE Packers fan (he's even a shareholder) so I found myself stressed out during the second half of the game on his behalf. But they won and now I have a new Glee to watch! A perfect Super Bowl Sunday.


  1. What!? That weather is straight up crazy. And that is coming from a pure place of jealousy, as I cannot hope for warmer temperatures until mid-March, tops.

    That itty bitty snowman is too cute, though.

  2. LL, I just love that last picture with Landon's arm around Claire. Pure adorable. (And indeed, what a nice day! Welcome to CA-ish weather now! ;))