Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fab Friday Wrap-Up

Yesterday my day started out with smiles. I drove the kids to daycare and Landon had a book to share at circle time. He decided to read it to Claire, and, concerned that she might not catch the subtle humor of Sandra Boynton, he made extra sure she got the joke: "The pants are ON HIS HEAD Biscuit- they're ON HIS HEAD!" (cue contagious hysterical laughter). We sat in the parking lot for a minute so he could finish up the reading and shared giggling, and I'm telling you, it's impossible not to head to work in a good mood after that.

Also helping with the good mood, despite not being able to watch Top Chef on Wednesday or my beloved 30 Rock on Thursday because of this freaking motion that keeps getting changed causing me to hunt down arcane bits of patent law late at night, I was wearing Showcase The Shoes Outfit #2 (and of course, The Shoes themselves).

The cropped jacket (originally from Ann Taylor Loft, but given to me by way of Landon's godmother's closet three years ago) matched the green in the shoes' heels perfectly. And the jeans are the same Old Navy ones as last week (one of my best purchases ever - they were $15 and I get compliments on them all the time, including one from an associate yesterday who I know never spends less than $150 on hers).

I had a crazy day and spent much of it running around to different floors and offices, but my shoes remained quite comfortable. Given their cuteness level of a 10, I really only require a comfort level of 3 to put up with them. I'd say these are a 6.5, which is a pleasant surprise for 3" heels with zero support or padding on the ball of my foot.

There was a pause in the craziness at 5:30, so I seized the opportunity to run out of my office to pick up the kids. When I got to Claire's classroom she was so excited to see me that she actually CRAWLED! Two whole shuffles forward! She's been so close for so long and she's kind of accidentally crawled forward a bit, but this was the first clear, definite crawl. Her teachers went crazy with the clapping and cheering and Claire immediately fell flat on the ground and looked around with giant smiles like she was trying to figure out what everyone was so excited about. She's repeated her performance a few times since then, but she started to look at us with wariness whenever she's holding a toy, like she's afraid we're going to take it away just to make her come towards it (which we totally keep doing).

Our Valentine's/Birthday/Date Night celebration was lots of fun. My sister babysat, so both kids got to stay up an hour late, and Landon got candy and FIVE books at bedtime. Tia is such a pushover. I got to wear a dress I bought before I got pregnant with Claire and never got to wear. And JP got to eat 6 plates of sushi, a steak, french fries, and bread pudding (I got a few bites in as well). A bottle of hot sake and a half bottle of red wine was also consumed. It was fabulous.

Today is a day of drizzle, grey skies, and early birthday pedicures with a friend. JP will be coaching all afternoon, and the kids and I will be coloring a giant car seat box to play house in. There may also be a game of Memory and/or hide-and-go-seek, of which Landon has finally grasped the concept, and now constantly requests to play. When he's the seeker I always hide the Biscuit, usually behind a door or the couch, and when she gets found they both think it's hilarious. I'd imagine there will be a time out or two involved as well. So perhaps not the glamorous sushi steak dinner of 14 hours ago, but fun and fabulous all the same.


  1. Those pants really DO look amazing. You look so itsy bitsy! Love the jacket, too.

  2. Sushi date nights are *the best*. Glad you got one! :)

  3. I'm not surprised the shoes are comfortable.. such is the virtue of expensive shoes with leather soles. They stretch and give a million times better than rubber or other man-made material soles. I didn't realize heels could BE comfortable until I got a pair with leather heels (Zanottis I got for 80% off at DSW). Switching to leather-soled shoes was a financial commitment, but one I do not regret give my increase comfort across the board. Plus DSW and other discounters (if you get into the habit of looking) often carry them.

  4. LOVE that jacket! Also, in the last picture, I totally thought you were holding baby Landon at first, and then I was really confused about when that picture must have been taken. Weird.

  5. We also LOVE "Red Hat, Green Hat"!

  6. Damn girl! I kind of hate you for how hawt you look! ;) Fabulous jacket, I loooooove the color.