Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Marker Masterpieces

Landon's daycare held a special art gallery event for the parents about two weeks ago. From 7-9 a.m., your child could use a pointer (a much coveted teacher tool) to show you their artistic masterpieces over a range of mediums. We first had 3-D clay art out in the hall. Landon's was called "ball" though it was really more of flattened oval. I think it was a statement about the inevitable deflating of the balls we juggle in our life. That, or he just likes smashing clay balls with his hands.

We moved next to the door where Landon pointed out his "free form" picture.

It was titled "rainbow" and he told his teacher that it was for Claire. Rainbows are a recurring theme in his work, I think because they symbolize the happy, hopeful way he views his world. Also because they involve orange, his favorite color. And, just maybe, because they are pretty easy to draw.

The poor kid isn't inheriting any artistic talent from me, after all.

Our next stop was "Still Life." Landon drew a rock. A long flat orange plateau of a rock that the camera flash obliterated. It's possible that it was intended to be a banana.

Then, cityscapes. It was here that we noticed one child had actually drawn recognizable office buildings with windows. JP and I decided she must really be a short 6 year old. Landon, a legitimate 3.5 year old and the youngest kid in his class, drew a "purple." A beautiful, almost restrained purple though, don't you think?

Lastly we had self portraits. This was my favorite, mostly because it was so obviously a Landon. The big tummy totally gives it away.

Though I'll admit the part of me that remembers all the cellular biology I took in college (and who is the daughter of high school biology AP teacher) also saw a bactrium with two flagella:

We finished up with 3 shortbread cookies and little cup of apple juice. It's always fun to see Landon in his daytime habitat and he was so excited to show us his drawings. My office wall is sporting several of his earlier works, including a cow, a snake, a butterfly, a penguin, and a flower, and I think they really add something to the space.

The Biscuit did not have a gallery showing, but she did receive several pieces from Landon last week with "for my biscuit" transcribed at the top by his teacher. Daycare has fully embraced the nickname and when JP and I were walking around his classroom, several of his friends were asking where the Biscuit was. Poor thing. I promise we'll stop using it when she's older. But for now, it just suits her way too well.


  1. Where can I start placing bets on whether or not Claire goes to college being called "Biscuit"? Because my mom is on YES... she is going to be Biscuit for life. :)

  2. I totally thought his self-portrait was an earlier impression of him while still a sperm (and maybe because he came from two swimmers, he had an extra tail?).

  3. Claire Bear, I keep telling ya, Claire Bear.
    Geez, it's hard to find good help these days.
    Sigh ...