Friday, February 4, 2011


It's not Snowmageddon or snOMG or a snowpocalypse, though those are actually happening in other parts of the country (like my poor, poor Chicago). We just have a snowdemonium. This occurs when you get less than 2" of fluff but your entire city freaks out and shuts down. Schools are closed, daycares are closed, my office is closed. I've received no less than three emails warning me about driving on the snow and gas stations and grocery stores have been ransacked. It's supposed to be 58 tomorrow and 65 on Sunday, so I have no idea what people are stocking up for (it was 81 last Sunday, three days before our Wednesday high of 20; our weather is crazy). My facebook feed is cluttered with pictures of friends' snowy lawns (clutter I totally added to, getting snow here is like getting an extra Christmas, without all the work and expectation, but still with the pj's and the smiley kids).

I'm pretty excited about having a day at home with just the kids and JP and everything canceled on our schedules. Weekends are great, but JP's swim lesson business has gotten so busy lately that we don't see too much of him on Saturday and Sunday. An impromptu snow day means forced quality family time with no errands toddler birthday parties.

First, we put on some clothes and got a few pictures of Clairebear in her first snow. She's wearing Landon's old furry reindeer suit and found all the white stuff very interesting.

Also silly.

With that commemorated, we came back inside to a Landon who had thankfully pulled himself out of his "I don't want to wear my heavy jacket/I don't want to see the snow so NO ONE can see the snow" tantrum. He came upstairs to help the Biscuit with some crawling practice.

Sorry, that clip is a little long (though I cropped it from it's original 6 minute length, I really kept thinking she was about to move forward- she did it last night, I swear), but we've been terrible about getting video of Claire and I'm trying to be better.

Claire is also 8 months old today, which I just can't believe. For some reason 8 months suddenly sounds many months closer to one year old. I never thought I'd say this, because I loved months 12-24 (12-43, really) with Landon so SO much, but I want her to stay a baby longer!

I hope everyone is staying safe and warm today!


  1. Yay for bonus at-home days for everyone!! It sure was pretty this morning, but I'm glad to see it melting, personally.

  2. cute! We're jealous of Claire's hair and near-crawling skills. Landon was cracking me up crawling circles around his sister. :)

  3. Love the snowsuit! Eight months is so so fun. It's definitely one of my favorites.

  4. It sounds so crazy to me for everything to be canceled for two inches of snow! I live in Massachusetts & my office hasn't closed for any of the storms that we've had. (Reasons not to work at corporate headquarters, noted!)

    I'm glad you guys were able to get a day cleared of everything though! And the pictures of Claire seeing her first snowfall are adorable!

  5. Yeah, it is crazy, and seemed even more so after we moved back here from Chicago. But it does make sense - the city doesn't have any salt or sand trucks, so if there's any ice on the roads, they really aren't safe to drive on until the ice thaws on its own. Luckily it only happens once ever 1-2 years.

    But it is funny to look out your window and the dusting of snow that managed to totally shut down an entire city!