Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Still Pregnant

Well JP's chosen day has come and gone. He thought I'd go into labor on Tuesday but here we are on Wednesday morning and our baby girl still seems quite content to stay in her increasingly tight quarters. We're at 37 weeks and 5 days and I'm starting to get worried that we did too good of a job convincing her of the coziness and general awesomeness of the womb. But every additional day brings benefits and extra fat rolls (to the baby and me) and I shouldn't complain much since I'm really feeling just fine.

I've compiled the guesses from the last post into a little list (updated):

- May 27th, after 3 pm (Chrisy in Chicago)
- May 28 (Meegs)
- May 30 (Kelly)
- May 31 (Gillian, LT)
- June 1 (Liv, Lisa M, jwg)
- June 3 (Jen)
- June 4 (Procrastamom, MJS, JLS)

My guess, for what it's worth, is May 29th. I don't really think I have any additional insight into what my body and baby are planning than anyone else (seriously, Landon's early arrival was a total shock to me), it just seems poetic that my daughter would arrive on the very day my best friend is getting married in Houston. I'm supposed to be a bridesmaid in that wedding and I remain devastated to be missing it- not only because she and I are so close, but also because her family knows how to throw one hell of a party.

As far as names, Hanah guessed Anabelle, Kira, Veronica, Kendall, and Stella, Kelly guessed Adrienne, and Anonymous on the Graduated! post guessed Avery. I had a dream last night that I was surprised with quadruplets and I was absolutely panicked about naming three other babies. Note that I wasn't at all concerned about caring for three additional children, I was just upset that I couldn't name them. Even after I woke up I continued trying to think of extra names.

(a windy shot before JP's graduation dinner)

Meanwhile my belly continues to defy gravity, physics, and the length of my maternity shirts. I'm reconciled to waiting until June 4th- it's only 9 days away, but as fewer of my clothes fit and it gets increasingly hard to sleep, I wouldn't mind at all if she debuted sooner.


  1. Glad you are still holding strong. My guess is that she'll stay in there until your scheduled c-section. Girls do that, at least in my limited experience (all my kids were overdue).

    And I've had names for my imaginary girl quadruplets ever since I read Amy Tan's Joy Luck Club. Waverly, June, Lina and Rose. Next time you have that nightmare, give yourself a break and borrow them :)

  2. Hmm, I predict a Memorial Day baby (5/31). As for names, I'll guess Aubrey. I love that name but my husband nixed it. Stupid husbands and their opinions.

  3. You look glowing and fabulous. If I'd never been pregnant myself, I'd never suspect you feel like that hippo!

    And if you end up with a few extras, Andrea's a nice name. :D

  4. I know you've got a scheduled C-section so this really won't freak you out but my last baby was born at 42 weeks and 5 days. He pretty much just walked out!! He was a biggun' too - 10 lbs. So big in fact he broke his collar bone on the way out - not to mention what he did to me (but it sure does make for quite a conversation piece)!! He was so big I had to give the newborn diapers that I had received to the lady I shared a room with at the hospital - he went right into regular smalls!! He's 17 now - 6 ft. 2 inches and 225 lbs - and he's still a Mama's boy and has no problem letting people know - even his friends!! Good luck with the new little one and I'm sure Landon is going to be a WONDERFUL big brother - he seems like an absolute sweetheart!!

  5. Ok, I'm guessing from your previous name posts that it will be something a little more classic than those listed here. Not trendy, but still recognizable and unique. As far as due dates, June 4th sounds good. :)

  6. Hang in there. Love the picture of you and JP above, he looks so funny leaning around your belly.

  7. I like Avery. It's my granddaughter's name. But she and her sister Quincy complain about never being able to find stuff with their names on it at gift shops in interesting places. Maybe that ought to be a requirement. Anyhow, I'm betting June1 in the wee small hours. You could enjoy memorial Day and just when it is time to clean up after whatever celebration go into labor.

  8. Love this shot of the belly!

  9. We know for sure we're just having one girl, but I keep having dreams it turns out to be twins. Surprise! Two babies! ;) Last night I dreamt that I gave birth to a pink T-Rex. Ah pregnancy dreams, they are so fun.

    My new goal is to look as stunning as you in 16 weeks! You look just amazing!

  10. Are you getting a C-section if the baby doesn't come by a certain date? I thought you were but I can't remember for sure. Since my son came by c-section 10 days late, I always assume other babies will be late too and I used to scoff at people when they would think they're baby would be early- but then I knew a bunch of women who had early babies and realized I was the crazy one....anyway, hope she comes soon because I know how hard it is to wait!

  11. My guess is she'll wait till the c-section - so June 4. As for baby names: Adrianna... :)


  12. Just to be contrary, I'm going to go with June 6th.

  13. Hi LL, here's an article you may relate to - by Marcia Reynolds. It's about women like you!

    Marcia is inspirational - I heard her speak back in 2005, and have been a fan ever since.

    Name wise, can I guess that the middle name is the name of the bride you are the long-distance-bridesmaid for?

  14. Alternate name - Zoe.

    I think it is cute and smart, and go really well with Landon.

    Although I also like names like Annabella and Hannah and Caitlin.

  15. Love your new design! And you guys look so happy :)
    My prediction is May 31.