Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Different Breed of Baby

This is my sister's new baby, Louie:

She just adopted him from SNIPSA, the same wonderful organization that rescued both of our dogs and my parents' two dogs. I think our family is SNIPSA royalty by now.

Landon was SO excited to meet the "baby doggie." When I told him that Tia was adopting a puppy he told me over and over that he was going to be SO GENTLE and give him soft pets and hold him "just like this mommy, JUST LIKE THIS!" (cradling an imaginary baby in his hands). We even stopped at Target after dinner tonight to pick out a few toys for the little guy.

Landon followed Louie around trying to interest him in the fluffy blue toy we bought him, but Louie was far more interested in Lilly the cat, the general smells of our house, and Landon himself. Maybe he felt the mini-human was just less intimidating, but he seemed very taken with the Lanman. And Landon was very gentle and sweet with him. He's such an animal lover. Lilly seemed pleased that we'd brought her a physically inferior underling. I think it drives her crazy to know that she's ten times smarter than our dogs, but they're so much bigger than her, she can't properly assert her superiority.

As for me, I'm still pregnant. It was nearly 100 degrees today and I wavered in my commitment to remain content in my hugeness until Friday. I got winded and sweaty walking to the mailbox and I started thinking that maybe going into labor a few days early wouldn't be such a bad thing... but here I am, trying to keep my laptop from falling off my non-existent lap. But I can take some comfort in knowing that this is my last pregnant Saturday- it's all one big countdown now!


  1. This is adorable squared!

    Best wishes with these last days of pregnancy, too. :)

  2. So when I was just a bit older than Landon, we got a new puppy and my mom handed him to me and told me to be gentle and careful, then asked what I wanted to name him. Of course, his name ended up being "GentleCareful." The whole fam still teases me about this more than 25 years later. Landon's gentle proclamations reminded me of that :)

    As for Target toys...We buy our dog the same Target toy everytime we go... it kind of looks like a man, and kind of like a starfish, so we call it Starfish Man. And she has like 5 of them currently. Totally her fave!

    Cute puppy!!!

  3. Monkey I love that story! And I think that's the same toy that we got Louie- it's a little blue one and Landon kept trying to give it to him, but the puppy was just too distracted. Finally Landon went and got his own puppy and duckie that he sleeps with every night as an offering, it was so sweet, and luckily Louie didn't want those either. I think Landon might have regretted his generosity... :)

  4. Louie & Landon are adorable!

  5. Such cute pics! yay for the last pregnant Saturday!!

  6. This doesn't really have anything to do with your post (although Landon and Louie are beyond cute), but you should update your blog description to reflect JP's recent graduation (he's not an M.B.A. student any longer). ;^) Congrats to you and your existing, lovely family and to your soon-to-arrive new addition!

  7. Proof that Landon will be an EXCELLENT older brother! :)