Sunday, May 30, 2010

Defying Gravity

It continues to amaze me that my belly can hold itself up without outside support (or stretch marks!). I know pregnancy is like the epitome of a natural process, but it is so bizarre to see something sticking as far out from my abdomen as my belly currently does.

5 more days!


  1. Every time I see your blog pop up I think - Lagliv's gone into labor! Hahaha.

    I'm jealous of the no stretch marks. I looked like someone had colored all over me with a purple marker. The human body is amazing, though. No question about it.

  2. This is such a sweet picture!!!

    I have an unrelated question: do you have a shoe repair place in Austin that you recommend? My prized, but too-loved Cole Haans/Nikes need a repair and I won't trust them to just anyone. Thought you'd be the one to ask, since you have an appreciation for heels :)

  3. It is bizarre, isn't it? I felt like I should attach wheels to the belly there towards the end. You look adorable, and this picture is so sweet! Happy last week!


  5. Hi Paragon, I do have a place. I haven't actually used it myself, though I have a pair of red peep toe heels that have been riding along in my passenger seat for weeks because I keep meaning to drop them off, but it comes highly recommended from a few of my co-workers. It's Austin Shoe Hospital at 3300 Bee Caves Road in Westlake.

    I really need to drop those red shoes off...

  6. You look gorgeous! Must get boxes in the mail, stat!

  7. Like Attorney Mommy said, every time I open your blog and see a new post I wonder if you've gone in to labor.

    I think you should just start posting a link to this website after every post: until she gets here, lol.

    Still looking great, I love your dress!