Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Today I Go to the Dentist!

Claire bounced in our room this morning, all smiles and pink blankie cuddles, yelling, "Today I go to the Dentist! Then I go to PapaGigi's house and then I come home and I see my friends!!" I blearily tried to explain that not all of that was happening today, but yes, she would be going to the dentist.

JP took her. It's always best that he accompanies her on experiences new or uncertain. With him she is sweet, loving, and brave. With me, she is all those things wrapped in a thick layer of clingy emotional need that takes a while to crack through with new people and situations (and ballet recitals).


It's weird because Landon acted exactly the same with both JP and me and rarely preferred one of us over the other (or really, anyone else who happened to be about- he was an equal opportunity toddler). And so, I experienced the first dental visit through iPhone pics and text commentary:

Claire meets the dentist chair, totally pumped about what she doesn't know is going to happen.


Claire grows skeptical as the process is explained.


Claire is under attack, but remains calm.


She moves to a better defensive position in the corner of the chair, leaving only her front exposed, her arm ready for a quick karate chop should things get dicey.


And then she was done. She seriously did great. The dentist originally said Claire's visit would likely just involve a walk around the office, an overview of the instruments used in a check-up, and maybe, maybe a counting of teeth, and even maybier, a practice round with the water pick and suction tube. But my brave little honeybadgerbear did so well she ended up with a full cleaning and set of x-rays! (X-rays that revealed she has her dad's pre-major-jaw-surgery underbite and pre-palette-expander overcrowded mouth! Huzzah!)


The dentist was amazed that she was able to do a full exam on a 2.5 year old. Landon was proud (he was there for moral support, having had his own appointment on Tuesday). JP, who needs a Xanax to go to the dentist, was just glad it wasn't him. And Claire, Claire was over it and just wanted to talk about her awesome glove balloon and new bouncy ball that is clutched in her chubby little fist even now as she sleeps. (The glove balloon is tucked in her bed as well- may she always love the dentist so much!).


  1. Way to go Claire!!
    I took our little guy in for his first dentist visit at 18 months old. It may have been too early for him, but his teeth were slow to come in and they were coming in a strange order so we figured an expert should check them out. That was quite the experience and there were a lot of tears on his part. Both mommy and son learned a lot about how to approach the next visit which is quickly approaching in a couple weeks. Hopefully, it goes as smoothly as Claire's did.

  2. That sink picture is ridiculously adorable! Glad Claire was such a good sport at the dentist. :)

  3. I noticed Claire's shoes : ), in my opinion. I found them at Zappos and we've grown through two pair already! A little expensive but so comfortable for little ones!

    Teresa, IL

  4. Landon's gloves are pretty awesome.

  5. First, how adorable are they! Second, you suck for having me read the Poison Princess and the second book hasn't been announced!! I read it straight through, sometimes I just want to punch Evie, but I definitely want to keep finding out what's going on with everyone in the books. Merry Christmas Eve! :)

  6. Aww how sweet! I wish my little ones were this good at the dentist!