Friday, December 21, 2012

Big Little Good Things

This week started out rather downish, but due to a combination of big and little things (also, 1.5 margaritas), it has ended up on the up.

1. I met Legally Fabulous yesterday! Well, really, I feel like I met her years ago, but yesterday she came to my house, met JP and the kiddos (Claire complimented her on her knees, which were clad in striped tights, and did look quite fabulous), and then followed me to my favorite restaurant with my favorite margaritas where we proceeded to talk so fast and so furiously that 3 hours flew by and suddenly the restaurant was flashing all the bright interior lights in a subtle hint for the few remaining diners (drinkers) to GO THE HELL HOME. I woke up with a headache and a sore throat- signs of an excellent evening. We must do it again soon.

2. JP had a job interview today and it went well! And he met another guy tonight at the kids' school program who is hiring in his group that does business-y analytical things that JP used to do. Who knows if either of those two leads will end up in a job, but it's something positive after more than three months of nothing. Just listening to him talk to the guy at the program made me smile- I could hear the happiness and passion in his voice, and oh I have missed hearing those things.

3. I got a 2% raise! And it might be a 3.5% raise if our budget gets approved. So you know, that's a night out every now and then next year!

4. President Obama declared the 24th a federal holiday! Salvaging 8 of my precious, precious annual leave hours that will allow us to go camping again early next Spring.

5. I've read three new books and one of them, Poison Princess, by Kresley Cole is pretty much my new obsession. I've read it three times in 8 days. It's a YA Novel, but a seriously dark and excellently written YA Novel. The only downside to reading it is (1) you won't be able to put it down (I read it in about 6 hours, hiding my kindle under the covers, and then immediately re-read it to the chagrin of my poor bloodshot eyes), and (2) there is no publication date yet for book 2. I love Kresley Cole- her Immortals After Dark series is one of my favorites, but this Arcana Chronicles series could beat it.

6. Christmas cards! We've received so many this year and I love them all. Checking the mail is close to the highlight of my day and I'm going to be so sad when it goes back to just being bills and magazines I don't want.

7. The kids had their school program tonight and they did so great! They wore new fancy shoes (Claire in her first pair of Mary Jane's and Landon in new little loafers I forgot I bought a size up last year) that they love so much they've worn them every night around the house in their pj's, and their Christmas outfits (Landon reprising the exact outfit he wore last year, which somehow still fits), and both of them actually performed!

Quick pics before we left in a rush to avoid being late:


I had to bribe Bear with 2 m&m's to get her in that dress and 2 more m&m's to let me touch her hair. I am categorically opposed to bribery as a general parenting technique, but Claire was wearing a beloved old pair of jeans and sweatshirt of Landon's, unbrushed crazy hair, and crocs, and getting her out of all that in 12 minutes took drastic measures.


She looked cute though, no? And, after a few minutes of skepticism and eye rubbing (and searching for a mommy who learned from the ballet recital and was hiding behind chairs), she jumped in the spirit of Jingle Bell Rock. I was so proud.


Landon was ready from the start- his teacher said she put him in the middle because she knew he could be counted on to sing all the words and not run off the stage. His whole class did great and it was all exactly as adorable as I thought it would be.




Tomorrow I happen to be meeting up with another blog reader/fellow UC alum and then it's laundry and packing and heading to the lake house on Sunday! I can't wait! With family, presents I can't wait to give the kids, and 10 days off from work, I feel like this month can't really help but end well.


  1. 10 days off without a blackberry??? that is going to be so awesome :)

  2. so much fun!
    oh and claire and landon look great in their fancy outfits!