Monday, December 24, 2012


The day the kids have been waiting for finally arrived- time to go to PapaGigi's lake house for Christmas! I had packed on Saturday, carefully laying out the kids' clothes for the trip in their room, and told them they could come to our room at 7:15, but they had to be dressed. At exactly 7:16, our door burst open and in bounced a fully clothed Landon and a completely naked Claire, clutching all her clothes to her chest and yelling, "IGOTOPAPAGIGI'STODAY!!" We were on the road by 8:20, Santa's sleigh (secretly) loaded down in the back with toys, family presents, suitcases, and a chubby labrador, who couldn't really move, but was very happy to be included nonetheless.

Yesterday was our only day with my sister and her boyfriend- they drove straight to the lake from Colorado to spend about 24 hours with us before continuing on to her boyfriend's family for the holidays. We invited his parents and sister up for the afternoon and we all had a really good time boating, playing games, and eating. We also took advantage of the extra guests to get a few impromptu family pictures, since my parents realized when making their Christmas card this year that they didn't have a single picture of all of us together from all of 2012. I think they turned out really well!

Full fam:


Original five:


JP, who rarely drinks and never drinks more than two drinks, got caught up in the festive atmosphere and his love of hammocks, and drank one or two very large glasses of very good bourbon. He ended up taking a little nap on the grass in the middle of a heated game of ladders.


Claire quickly put an end to that situation.


We went on a boat ride and Claire started out brave, but when Papa started going fast, she needed her Gigi, who was happy to oblige with some cuddles.


We opened the presents from Tia. First, the traditional holiday barbie for Claire. Unlike in years past when Claire had no idea what was going on, this year, she exclaimed, "Open it!!" We were about to when she opened up the present from Uncle Eric- a pretty pretty princess game, complete with jewelry, which knocked all thoughts of messing up Barbie's perfect coiffure from her head.


Landon got a lego set and bow and arrow, complete with lessons from a master archer:


A now-alert (and probably hurting) Daddy and his kiddos:

(the pretty pretty princess jewelry was popular with everyone)

And a few more candid portraits before dinner:

And a little preview of the rest of the holiday: red neck carriage ride around the property on Christmas Eve morning.


Pretty soon we'll head back to my childhood home for Christmas Eve dinner and church before driving back to the lakehouse for presents and Santa and lazy Christmas Days. It's two hours round trip to spend about four hours in Kingwood, but it's just not Christmas without flank steak in the dining room, reading the Christmas story around the dining table, and Christmas service at my childhood church.

Merry Christmas from the Lag Liv family to yours!

(Claire is not entirely sure she's in the right picture)


  1. Merry Christmas!!! Omygosh the candid picture you capture of Claire fiddling with earring is PRECIOUS!!!!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Happy CHristmas tomorrow xo

    1. Thanks!! The second I took that photo (with a long lens from across the porch) I knew it was going to be special, because it was such a classic "girl" moment (I make that exact same face when I put my earrings on sometimes :), but when I pulled it up on my computer I actually squealed. I've already sent it to costco to be printed for my office bulletin board :).

  2. Merry Christmas! And I have to agree with Flynnigan ... great snap of Claire Bear!

  3. Slightly jealous that you have nice enough weather to take pictures outside! All our Christmas pictures are horrible indoor washed-out flash photos. The picture with JP laying on the grass is funny. And the boat ride sounds awesome!