Monday, December 14, 2009

Houston and Holidays

Our weekend in Houston was a good one. It started on Thursday with my firm's family holiday party. Landon helped me finish up my work before heading down to the conference center. He thinks anywhere the clients give you toy electric cars is a pretty awesome place to work.

We met Santa (a partner in our corporate section). Landon was very excited about him from a distance, but upon closer inspection he decided he wanted nothing to do with that strange man's lap. So the two of them had a nice conversation about trains instead.

Next we decorated a square for the gingerbread house. Landon very carefully placed the candies on the frosting and then when I wasn't looking, placed every single one of them in his mouth. The square is now sitting proudly in the middle of the roof of the house with nothing but some smeared frosting and a few red hots I dumped on at the end.

After the party JP went to coach lessons and then spend three days at home by himself (I always try to remember that he spent the first 18 years of his life as an only child without me to keep him company, and he's had such a crazy semester with school, the swim school, and spending every spare minute with Landon and me), while Landon and I packed up to head to Houston. While I was gathering documents in my office to take to the deposition on Friday, I mentioned to Landon that as soon as I was done we were heading to Papa and GG's house. He immediately jumped up, grabbed my hand, and yelled, "Come ON Mama, Come ON!!" Very cute.

My depo went well, I had thoroughly prepped the partner and I even proved my worth at the table by supplying several names and dates that people couldn't remember. Sometimes I wonder what I will do with this extensive timeline of information once this case ends. Landon spent the day with his godmother and had a wonderful time with her. I attended my best friend's super fancy bridal shower on Saturday night - I think it cost more than my wedding and it was in a house that is about the same size as my office building. Lots of wow.

On Sunday Landon and I headed home to reunite with a JP who was very happy to see us. Apparently he's so used to the craziness now that he gets lonely without it. We picked out our Christmas tree, and because our house really has no natural place to put it, it's living by the window in Landon's playroom. He is SUPER excited about this.

The first thing he muttered when he woke up this morning was, "I wanna go see my tree in my playroom" -- and it is always referred to as "my tree in my playroom." Helps us distinguish it from all those other trees we have in our house.

This Christmas is going to be so much fun.


  1. ha ha ha! re: landon's gingerbread house decorating- I do the SAME thing!! I eat the candy before the house is finished! Love the santa pic :)

  2. Great pictures! Landon is adorable :)