Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Happiness Update

I put off calling Shutterfly this morning because I was busy and it was all my mistake and I felt silly even hinting at getting anything from them because of it. But I did, because you all gave me permission to redo the cards and I knew I needed to report the details of my efforts here. And after the call, all I have to say is that Shutterfly is awesome.

First of all, after you hear the five options to direct your call, the polite-sounding gentleman says in a completely serious voice, "to hear a Pirate read these options press 6". This had nothing to do with my re-order, but it made me smile.

Second, after a brief chat with a customer service rep wherein I fessed up to my grievous typo and asked if the cards had been processed yet, I ended up with a 75-card credit and free next day shipping on my reorder. My new cards may get here before the original ones! I initially just asked if the order could still be changed and she said no, they were in production, but she told me I could return them for a credit. I was very happy and surprised to hear that, and then when I asked if I could go ahead and order the new cards now and leave the refund credit for a future, separate purchase (because I was concerned about getting the cards out for Christmas) she placed me on hold and worked some magic to get me an instant card credit as long as I promise to send the typo cards back when I receive them.

So that was full of awesome and holiday cheer. And now my morning is feeling all shiny and happy, even with this Answer and Plea to the Jurisdiction that was supposed to be done yesterday hanging over my head. To make the day even better, this afternoon is our family Christmas party, so JP is bringing Landon to the office at 3:30 for cookie decorating and Santa Claus sitting and other fun activities in the conference center. After the party Landon and I head to Houston so I can attend a deposition tomorrow morning and Landon can hang out with his godmama for the day. We'll stay through the weekend since I haven't been home since July and Saturday is my best friend's fancy lingerie shower (for the wedding I was supposed to be in but now probably can't even attend because it's in Houston 10 days before I'm due). JP came across her present yesterday and was most disappointed it was not for me.

In sum, it's okay to want to redo your Christmas cards because there's a typo, call customer service reps when you've screwed up your order and be nice to them, I like Shutterfly and Shutterfly likes pirates, Landon is going to decorate his first cookie today and I think it may be a life changing experience, and I am excited about going home even if it means I will spend yet another pre-Christmas-weekend not accomplishing things in my own house. Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. It's so refreshing to hear about a company making things easy for their customers!

  2. Oh, yay! I am so glad that you took the plunge and called. I have always had such positive experiences with Shutterfly and many other online retailers. They want your business, no matter what. And, if they make just one customer happy - that customer will for sure return and will tell others about it (like here!). Good stuff. Happy weekend to you.

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