Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ear Fail

(Scene: 6' x 6' soundproof box with a chair in the middle. There are large drawings of animals and other toys on the walls. Landon is in my lap ready to begin his hearing test)

Landon, can you find the elephant?

(several seconds pass as I hold myself back from repeating the question that I know he heard)

(turning his head to look at me)
Mama, I want a cracker!

(a little louder)
Landon, can you find the monkey?

Look mama, a el-e-phant!

(even louder because obviously my child is almost deaf)
Landon, can you find the train?

Mama, where did my crackers go?

Landon, can you listen to the sounds please? We'll have crackers later.

Landon, where is the elephant?

(points to the monkey)
Look mama! A monkey! Ooh-ooh-ah-ah.

(looking at the audiologist through the tiny window to my left)
I don't think this is working out.

So he failed the hearing test, but I'm certain he hears just fine. His talking has exploded in the past few weeks and he uses full sentences and adds dozen of new words each day. The test came about because Landon's ear tubes have fallen out and he immediately got infections in both ears. We realized this right before Thanksgiving and were able to get him into the pediatrician Tuesday afternoon for an ear check and prescription for delicious pink amoxycillin- his first antibiotic since his last ear infection in March 2008. The sad thing about these infections, besides the fact that they break our 18-month record of "nothing but check-ups", and that Landon holds his hears and cries when he goes to bed (a truly heartbreaking visual), is that it means he most likely inherited his dad's faulty eustachian tubes. JP has had too many ear surgeries to count and still has to wear special ear plugs and a cap every time he gets wet. We had hoped one round of ear tubes be all Landon needed, but one tube is only half-way out and he already had a raging infection going. We'll wait to see if he gets another in the next 6 weeks, and if he does, it'll be more tubes. The procedure itself is simple and far less traumatic than even one ear infection, I'm just sad for his sake that the problem persists.

But other than the ear test fail, our trip to the pediatric ENT was great. I had an admittedly "difficult" baby, so I don't feel too bad when I say it makes me happy and a teensy bit proud that Landon is so good and easy as a toddler. Out in public, at the house, at a Thanksgiving dinner for 10- he loves meeting and talking to new people and doesn't seem to have any inherently distructive tendancies. He loves to play with toys and kids and loves to run around (and "go FAST!"), but I almost never have to tell him not to touch something he shouldn't be touching or things like that. Who knows how long it will last, but it's really nice for now. He had all the nurses charmed in minutes and told everyone he passed in the halls that the doctor was going to "check my ears". When the doctor came in Landon gave him a huge smile and said "Hi!" and then repeated "gonna check my ears" as he climbed into the patient seat all by himself. On the way out he told everyone it was raining and that he was wearing his hat (the hoodie to his sweatshirt). It was very cute. I'm happy to say he seems to have no scars from his constant and frequently painful doctor visits during his first year of life.

In other health news, I had my real genetic screening ultrasound on Monday and everything looks fantastic! The baby was crazy, bouncing around and dancing the whole time, and it's fun to see how developed s/he looks at only 13 weeks at 3 inches long. My next doctor's appointment is in 2 weeks where I'll get to hear the heartbeat and then we'll find out the sex sometime in late January. Yay!


  1. That hearing test was kind of fun at 13 months with Charlie, but the recheck at 24 months was exactly as you described! What a pain. I wanted to say to the doctor "He can hear me open a bag of Oreos three rooms away, I know he can hear."

  2. hahaha, I love it. I have that same skill.

  3. My husband is 51, and had to have tubes last year. I think this was about his 50 eleventh set. So frustrating. Our kids have all had so many ear infections. I had one, when I was five. One kid needed tubes at age one, and it made a huge difference in his attitude and speech. And he's never needed them again now, at age 16 plus. So there's hope for Landon.

    It's nice to know who to blame.

  4. Poor Landon- sorry about the ear infections. We are so luck we haven't had to deal with that yet. It seems that kids are either prone to getting infections or they aren't. Landon sounds like an absolute charmer. Any recent videos?!

    Glad baby 2 is doing so well!! Everyone I know is pregnant now and I totally want another baby even though I have to take the bar and start my new job within the next three months- ahhh! I'll live through you for now.