Monday, October 26, 2009

Thoughts on a Monday Night

  1. I want rice krispie treats. Really, really bad. The homemade kind, not the ones wrapped in blue wrappers that have a strong plastic taste.
  2. I really, really want to go to bed. Almost as badly as I want homemade rice krispie treats.
  3. The amount of work I have to do tonight means that I can't do #1 or #2 on this list. And yet I still love my job.
  4. I slept for approximately 24 hours this weekend. I've morphed from an insomniac into a narcoleptic. On Saturday I fell asleep at 6:00 when we got home from an elementary school carnival and woke up disoriented at 8:45. I stumbled out to the living room where JP was working on a research paper and asked what day it was, whether it was am or pm, and what happened to Landon. JP had taken care of everything and said that Landon tried to come tell me goodnight but I didn't move, not even when they poked my toes. And I'm usually a Very light sleeper.
  5. Growing a baby is very hard work.
  6. Landon surpasses all adjectives. He was so sweet and good and funny this weekend I almost started crying when I realized I missed 2 hours of our time together because of my pregnancy-induced narcolepsy.
  7. But then I went back to bed and slept for 10 more hours. And I accidentally took a nap on Sunday too.
  8. I hate taking naps, it feels like I'm wasting so much time.
  9. Speaking of wasting time, I really need to get to work.
  10. But how awesome was Mad Men last night?


  1. Sleep is good and growing babies IS hard work! Good luck with all you have to do.

  2. Get the sleep now while you can! Remember that as the baby gets bigger sleeping gets harder (trust a 35 wk pregnant woman on that one). Hopefully you will get to a good balance to sleep and productive work hours soon!

  3. Enjoy the sleep while it lasts. By the third trimester you won't be able to get comfortable enough to sleep even if you wanted to. I haven't slept through the night in over a year.

    Mad Men rocks. I can't decide if I want to be Betty Draper or Joan Holloway-Harris when I grow up.

  4. you were like this with landon the first few months too, remember? i'm so jealous!

  5. Dude, totally with ya on the random napping in the first tri. I am SO not a napper.

    And you are right, the packaged rice krispies taste like sh*t!

  6. I wanted to say congrats on baby #2 and also tell you that the chicken barley chili recipe you posted is great!! My boyfriend and I made it this weekend and we loved it.

    I love reading your blog bc I just graduated from law school this year and am always interested in hearing about your work-life-family balance.

  7. Hi LL! Sorry you're so tired! I'm like this too when I'm pregnant! If I were you, I'd get JP to make you Rice Crispie Treats pronto! Or is he like my DH and act like you're an old pro at the preggo thing and not treat you like a queen, compared to the first time around?

    Well, I have to say, I am so hoping to be exhausted and pregnant too soon! Please send some of your baby dust my way. ;)

  8. Yay LT!!! Good luck and I can't wait to hear your good news.

    JP has actually been even more accomodating and helpful this time around - he's seems to get that pregnancy + working full time + Landon is about 1000000x harder than just pregnancy + law school. One of the many reasons I love him :)

  9. Hang in there, LL! I don't remember much of my first trimester...I slept through most of it!

    Drizzle a little melted chocolate almond bark on homemade rice krispy treats for the best snack ever. (just a suggestion!)

    And yes...Mad Men was AWESOME! What a payoff after waiting so long! Don just looked...defeated. So rare to see.

  10. Don't feel guilty about the sleep. Love the sleep. When I was at this stage, I fell asleep in the middle of an 8-hour take-home exam.

  11. oh man, I remember how tired I used to get when I was pregnant. And you are so right, the store bought rice krispy treats are NOTHING compared to homemade! Hope you get all the rest you need!