Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I am suddenly dying to tell people that I am pregnant. I swear babies and pregnancy seem to come up in every conversation I'm in this week and I have to just sit there silently when HEY, HEY! I'M PREGNANT TOO! THIS CONVERSATION TOTALLY APPLIES TO ME!

I have a count down until our first doctor appointment on October 23. Unfortunately that's also the day my draft Motion to Dismiss is due for my securities class action case (the partner was so impressed with my recent securities law article that he wants me to write the motion -- an honor, but a very double-edged one). There is a loooootttt of work that has to be done before that draft can be started, much less finished. Writing it is going to be a painful, time consuming process. Because of this I'd like the next 16 days to go very slowly re: the motion, and very fast re: the doctor appointment. If only that could be arranged.

I've told one or two people and am telling my parents today. I don't believe in waiting too long. After all, if something did happen with this pregnancy, I'd want people to know that. I'll probably end up sharing the news with a few more people before the 23rd and then the whole world (or at least my little corner of the whole world) will likely be told. I'll be in my 8th week, that seems long enough. If only time could move faster (and slower, oh my gosh I have so much work to do) until then!

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! We only told immediate family about my pregnancy. When we were in California we met up with my cousin for dinner. She kept talking about people at her working having babies, she and her husband are going to start trying. . .etc.

    I finally couldn't take it anymore and asked when was the last time she'd talked to her aunt (my mom called all of her sisters right away). She said the night before, so I asked if my aunt had told her "any" news. I ended up outing myself since my aunt hadn't told her, I would have sworn to you she knew because of the conversations we'd been having.