Saturday, October 10, 2009

Early Symptoms

For the first few days after I took the pregnancy test, I didn't really believe that I was actually pregnant. I felt no different. I had to remind myself every hour or so that there was apparently life growing inside of me. I felt fine, felt the same. I even took another test last Wednesday just to see if it was still positive.

But now I'm starting to feel it (and see it). My boobs have doubled in size (this would be JP's favorite part of pregnancy - bigger boobs, same waist). I get hit with sudden waves of exhaustion in the afternoon or whenever I let myself sit down. Today I ran errands all morning with Landon and felt fine- then I sat down when he took his nap and I wasn't sure if I'd ever get up again. I hate this part of pregnancy. I'm a very productive, constantly moving person. I don't like feeling lethargic and sleepy and I'm sad it's already starting to hit me.

The good thing is that my stomach feels fine and nausea has stayed away so far. I don't think I'm any more emotional than usual, though I suppose I should ask JP for a non-biased opinion. I did yell at him today when he didn't properly admire the new towels I'd bought for our bathroom. Hmmm.

I'm getting pretty excited about this pregnancy. The timing could still be better. Much better. But every time I tell someone and they jump up and down and hug me I get a huge smile on my face and want to go tell someone else. I need my doctor appointment to get here so that I can start telling the whole world.

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