Thursday, July 9, 2009

The "Two" Game

A How-To Guide from Landon

(1) Yell "twooooooo!" as you run with arms stretched behind you towards your dad. Mom will also do, but dad seems to enjoy it more. Ignore your parents when they try to explain that the counting process that begins with one (or that a proper countdown starts with three), the number two is all you need to warn your victim that an attack is imminent.

(2) Launch yourself full speed at the dada and take that 6 foot 3 inch, 200 lb. man down.

(3) Yell your victory to your mom so she can clap and give you kisses. Run away. Laugh a lot. Repeat 52 more times.


  1. Love the stripes and plaid-- my favorite way to dress my boys, too

  2. Two is the most important number in the countdown...kindof links one and three, ya know? How cute!!!

  3. that is too stinking cute!! I love how happy he looks and his big huge grin!

  4. This is very, very cute!