Monday, July 13, 2009

Sugary Goodness

Yesterday evening we hosted Landon's birthday party at the house. There was lots of food, drinks, toys, games, guests, new baby friends, and most importantly, cupcakes. Last year Landon refused to touch his cake and we had to stage his frosting-covered face. This year that was not a problem.

Very carefully selecting his birthday boy treat

Trying to avoid making a mess (that's my boy!)

First bite!

Not Pictured: Landon surrounded by 2 other toddlers eating their own cupcakes; Landon greedily eying those cupcakes; the other 2 kids going to play, leaving half a cupcake behind...

And Landon eating the abandoned treat:

I don't think he knows what a birthday is yet, but he thought yesterday was very, very fun and requests that there be more cupcakes in his future. I'm writing a real party post with more pictures and details on the celebration, but I'm working from home today and decided to keep Landon home with me (a move I couldn't resist but will probably regret while I try to write this 12b6 Motion with him underfoot), so nap time needs to be VERY productive! I'm going to eat a leftover cupcake (I was too busy watching Landon yesterday to eat one myself!) and get to work.


  1. So cute! He is SO serious about those cupcakes!

    Very Happy Birthday to sweet Landon! :)

  2. Adorable! I can't believe he's 2 already! Happy Birthday, Landon!

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  4. Happy birthday, Landon! (not quite yet, though - right? Just the party?)

    Anjali was also v. serious about her cupcakes this weekend at her party- an appropriate attitude, I think. :-)