Sunday, July 19, 2009


Tonight ends my 9-day, only semi-interrupted staycation, and I feel happy and rested and delightfully close to bored. I did some work at home on Monday, worked a very long day Tuesday, and have sent only a single work-related email since then. I spent Wednesday with our birthday boy, who danced this very special birthday dance upon awaking from his nap:

Together we spent several hours watching daddy coach and manage his swim school at their temporary outdoor location; we baked brownies for a few of our friends taking the Bar next week; we read books and made up animal noises neither of us had ever heard before; we laughed and chased and and danced and giggled. We opened presents and played with a new fleet of buses.

I re-read all seven Harry Potter books (my God they are good, I read them so fast the first time I couldn't fully appreciate the brilliance of their details), I wrote Landon's thank you notes, and then I didn't cross another single thing off my to-do list. JP and I took midday naps while Landon took his. I cooked big dinners. Landon and I made muffins and visited two new parks. We spent a day with my mom and Landon discovered the joys of gelato.

I head to Houston tomorrow at the crack of dawn to attend a deposition with a partner. I'm sad the week is coming to an end, but I'm ready to put certain parts of my brain back into use. This week has reaffirmed everything I thought I would love about staying home and everything I knew I would miss in that role. My working full-time is right for us right now, but it was nothing less than wonderful to spend 5 uninterrupted days floating somewhere in between.


  1. I had a similar week before my summer seminar started, and it was lovely and relaxing, and at the end of it, my house was so CLEAN.

    Glad your staycation was fun, and have fun at work, too (I do!)

  2. Biologist Mom of Three7/20/09, 12:16 PM

    I consider myself to be a fast reader but I have to say getting through all seven Harry Potter books in 9-days while watching a toddler is very impressive!

    I'm happy to see your comment because I also love HP and think the Twilight books are just OK (although at age 14 I probably would have been much more captivated by them). When I hear people compare the two I cringe. HP is WAY better.

  3. Sounds like a really great week and your pictures are to die for, as usual.

    Your mention of the swim school brought a question to mind. What do you think is the best option for fitness swimming for adults in Austin? (Does JP's swim school concept include a program for adults?) I swam in high school, was never particularly fast, and am out of shape, but I really love swimming and want to get back into the pool. I'm feeling intimidated by the Masters swim program at UT because it seems targeted at much more competitive folks. Any thoughts/recommendations?

  4. Hi Biologist Mom! I basically read every moment Landon was asleep and late into the night. It was delightful and indulgent and so much fun. I am now behind on my SYTYCD and Top Chef Masters watching, but I'll catch up this week. As to your second point- the Twilight books are absolute crap compared to Harry Potter. Oh, I read them (twice) and own all four and will absolutely read Midnight Sun if and when it ever comes out, but they Meyer is no Rowling and while her idea was creative and intriguing, her writing is nowhere near as good. Her stories also fail to make sense when read all together (um how can a vampire get someone pregnant when they have no living fluid including blood? they can't.) and her characters are so shallowly developed (I hated Bella and didn't like Edward much either). So yes, I totally agree on the HP superiority- they're so unbelievably good and perfectly woven together. I wish they weren't over.

  5. To Paragon: JP's school does not currently have an adult/masters option but it's something they've been asked about and are considering. In the mean time, the UT program really is for all levels and I know a few attorneys at my firm who swim there in the mornings and definitely not in the fast lanes. There's also a program at Rollingwood pool in SW Austin that I've heard is very good and for all levels. I don't know many others - I'm actually looking at getting back in the water myself and will let you know if I find anything else!

  6. Landon is simply scrumptious. Would love to see video of his birthday dance...