Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Terrific Two

Dear Landon,

You turned 2 two weeks ago and I just can't let the milestone go by without a note for the baby book. I've written this letter in my head so many times and in so many ways- there's just so much to say! You've changed an unbelievable amount in the past year- you do so much, say so much, know so much. You're just my sweet, charming, funny little boy and I can't even begin to describe how much your daddy and I adore you. Starting at almost exactly the 12-month-mark you morphed from a challenging baby (not your fault, but still, challenging to say the least) to such an easy toddler. You left all your bottles for a sippy cup a day after your 1st birthday. You go to sleep easily on your own and stay that way for 11-12 hours. You are never sick and our only doctor appointments in the past year have been for your 12-month, 18-month, and 2-year check-ups. As the pediatrician said at our last visit, if it wasn't for APA guidelines, she'd never see us at all! You LOVE people and adore all doggies and babies. When we run errands you like to stand up in the cart and wave at everyone we pass. You always say "Hi! _____" and "Bye! ____" to whatever person or object you see in front of you. My favorite is when you say goodbye to your toes at night when we put on your footie pj's. My other favorite is when you enthusiastically greet them again in the morning :)

I have so many favorites about you and this fun time in our lives, but since I can't possibly describe them all here, I'm going to focus on one little part of our day together -- nighttime. I'm not going to lie, your daddy and I used to dread putting you to bed. In very large part because of the drama during your first 9 months of life, you never got to learn how to fall asleep on your own. By the time you were 11 months old, you understandably felt getting you to sleep was our job, and night after night your dad and I endured back pain and awkward hunched positions to do it. That all ended with a night or two of crying in the new house and none of us have ever looked back. Nighttime is a joy.

It begins around 7:40 when one of us takes you upstairs for your bath (aka "BUBBLES!"). You walk carefully up the steps, carrying one truck ("BUS!") or another, waving and yelling at everything you see: "Bye Bye Tex! Bye Bye DaDa! Bye Bye Bus!" You also throw in a few "NIGH NIGHTS DADA!" along the way. You love bath time, bubbles, and being wrapped in your monkey towel when you get out. You very solemnly brush your teeth and let mommy or dada finish the job after you've done an excellent job covering one back molar. You like to be chased naked around the upstairs and then tell me about how you're going "nigh night" as I put on your diaper and pj's and turn down your lights.

When all of this is done, usually just before 8:00, we climb into our big recliner upstairs in the gameroom and read two books. The first is always Bark, George "GRGE!" and the second is Chugga Chugga Choo Choo ("Choo"). You snuggle into my lap, squirming so you can get as close as possible, and frequently turn your head, with a big smile on your face, to watch my mouth move as we read the story. After the books are over and you've said "The End," you walk with me into your room, frequently stopping along the way to tell Lilly the cat that you're going nigh night.

And then comes my very favorite part. I hold you in my arms as you wrap your legs around my sides, put your still-chubby arms around my neck, and rest your cheek on my shoulder while I sing "You are my sunshine." I put you in your crib and you lay down, reaching for Puppy, and looking around to make sure your giant stack of books, favorite bus, and whatever extra item you've decided you need that night are all in the crib with you. You put your cheek on the mattress, blow kisses at me with your non-puppy holding hand, and say "night night mama" as I walk out of the room. You're going to roll your eyes when you read this years from now, but more often than not my eyes get a bit tingly as I close the door. You sleep solidly until 7:30 or so and frequently don't make a sound until one of us runs up at 8:00 to wake you up so we can get to work on time, only to find you sitting up in bed quietly reading your books or playing with your truck. I love that moment when you look up with a delighted smile on your face and greet me with a "Hi Mama!"

You are so wonderfully sweet and loving- you give exuberant hugs and cuddles and pets to everyone and everything. You live each moment (the ups and the downs) to its very fullest, and you've been teaching me to do the same since you were born.

We love you so much Lanman.



  1. So sweet!

    2 is charming, as is 3 (so far). Actually, I am charmed by every age except for zitty red screamy newborn.

  2. This actually made me cry. Wonderful!

  3. Aww. I love the bedtime story. Terrible two is a myth, I think.

  4. Happy (2 week later) birthday, Landon!

  5. Landon is such a cutie pie. I love "2" and the sweet innocence, curiosity, stubborness, and independence that come along with it.

  6. Two is THE BEST. This made ME teary! :) Happy birthday to you, too, Mom!