Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Tooth Fairy Cometh and Other Happenings

Happenings and selfies in the LL house this week:

(1) Landon lost his first tooth! Or teeth, as it were.

He's had two very wiggly, very stubborn, and increasingly tender-gummed teeth that were starting to cause major trauma every night when it was time to brush his teeth. All week, I've been feeding Cora in the family room, listening to Landon's screams echo down the hall. His two adult teeth have also grown in tall behind them, making his mouth look like that of a baby shark. So I called the dentist, who said to come in, and even though she said it was okay that he had 4 lower front teeth where there should only be 2, she was happy to pull them if we wanted. Oh yes please! I practically yelled, and two seconds later, a slightly pale but utterly soundless Landon was clenching his fists and losing two teeth in the space of 10 seconds. Then we went to Costco and Target before picking up the girls and it was lovely to spend time 1-on-1 with my not-so-little man.

JP and I almost failed on the tooth fairy front, but just as we were getting in bed I remembered our sacred duty and rummaged up some $2 bills my grandparents had sent me a while ago and snuck into the kids' room to leave two of them next to Landon's bed (JP and I got 50 cents to $1 per tooth when we were little and figured inflation and our philosophy of making Landon pay for most treats himself justified the 1-400% increase). MUCH excitement ensued when he woke up and now we eagerly await the next loose tooth.

(2) I took these pictures of Landon holding Cora Wednesday night as part of my ongoing effort to capture the love between these two babies of mine. Claire loves Cora too- a lot; there's no jealousy at Cora's inclusion in our life, only excitement and affection, but Landon... Landon loves her. He seeks her out in a sweet, effortless way- when he reads books he always reads near her; when he and Claire are going to play cards or a board game, he always sets it up next to whatever baby gear device Cora is in; when we get home from school in the evening one of the first things he does is asks if he can hold her.

If Landon was in charge, we would have all the babies.

(3) Cora wore J. Crew today. A fancy and stylish friend of mine sent the outfit to her when she was born and I felt like today was the right day to add some baby chic to daycare.  (Also she was about to grow out of it and hadn't worn it yet.) After today, Cora has worn J. Crew exactly one more times than I have!

Just like a model. But with less hair and more smile.

(4) I got a haircut. Many hairs cut! 4.5" of them. I tried to get Cora to take a selfie with me and it went not perfectly.


It started out okay, but I realized my shoulders/phone/Cora were hiding half my hair and I couldn't figure out how to hold the phone to get it out of the way.

Then Cora decided to take over the scene:


Oh my gosh you guys I love her so.

And that's about it.  We had several days in a row where Cora decided 4:30-6:30 a.m. was the perfect time for lots of playing and happy screaming, so that was awesome.  We fixed it by closing all the doors between her and us (open doors are our monitor) and ignoring the problem and last night she slept straight till 7 a.m. like normal.  That or JP and I were so tired we just slept through her shenanigans- either way, everyone seemed to wake up happy and now it's about to be Friday so we get to wake up even happier!  


  1. i love love love the new hair!

    1. Thanks Alli! I'm excited there's even the slightest possibility if us getting together this fall (though not excited about why you're in the states in the first place), but it would be awesome if there was great news and you got to celebrate with a rita or three in the Fort :)

  2. What's on Landon's left hand? Left over temp tattoo?

    Yay for losing teeth. A friend of mine gave her kid $20 for his first tooth. Crazy! So glad you are giving out a reasonable amount. Makes me not feel so cheap. :-)

    Cute hair cut!!


    1. $20 is absurd. Like completely absurd. We went back and forth on whether $2 was too much! They lost a tooth (that I had to pay to be extracted)- it's a normal body process, not a grand achievement.

      And yeah, it's a leftover glow-in-the-dark temp tattoo from the school treasure chest. Really adds a little something to the pictures :).

    2. I live in CA so take that for what it's worth...

      Same friend gives $5 for each tooth lost after the $20 first tooth. Must just more expensive to live here. Ha ha ha!!


    3. That cost of living adjustment is a killer ;). At least it goes down to a more reasonable amount after #1, I was thinking that $20/tooth for 3 kids would really cut into the college funds...

  3. I am in uber competitive Fairfax County (VA), where our DENTIST told me, in front of my 6 y.o., that the tooth fairy brings his girls between $20-$100 per lost tooth. We gave $5 for the first, and planned on $2 (ironically, $2 bills) each one after. I could have strangled my dentist when my daughter lost her 2nd tooth and was disappointed to find "only" $2 under her pillow.

  4. The pic of Landon kissing her is so sweet!