Friday, May 16, 2014

High and Tall, Shoes and Stripes

I had appointment with the eye doctor this afternoon, so I decided to take the whole day off and go to barre, run some errands, and sneak in a lunch date with JP. I wore the crayola dress Claire picked out for me last weekend and I have never, ever received so many compliments from so many strangers in one day.

Rainbow stripes! (and still navigating the new haircut)

$8.99 at Ross and picked out by my color-loving 3-year-old, and all the ladies of Fort Worth want one. I was considering letting Claire pick out more of my clothes. Until I remembered she emerge from her room this morning in a peach tutu and white t-shirt with teal sparkles and a giant orange goldfish and think maybe it was beginner's Ross luck.

After another round at Ross (I'm still trying to find the elusive rehearsal dinner dress; I have another contender and a new date night dress that made JP say "whoah" when I tried it on for him when I got home, so now I just need a sitter, a free Saturday night, and some extra entertainment dollars and more Ross dress magic will be coming to a sushi place near you!) and a badly needed pedicure, I headed to the eye doctor. He dilated my eyes because I was complaining of a floater in my right (crazy annoying black speck that will apparently never go away) and WHOAH. I haven't had my eyes dilated in a really long time. My pupils were huge. You couldn't even tell my eyes were blue and I was so farsighted I couldn't see anything up close at all. I'm normally nearsighted, so the whole concept of something getting blurrier the closer you got to it was very bizarre. I decided I shouldn't be driving and in the interest of public safety walked two stores over to DSW to look around while waiting for my irises to come back.

Then I found five pairs of shoes. One of them, pictured above, are 5" platform wedges that make me about 6'2". I thought they might be too tall, so I asked a saleswoman and she looked at me funny and later I realized that my eyes were still all saucer-like and I probably looked high. High and very tall. I could only see things far away, so the closer I got to a mirror the less detail I could make out, so after much walking up and back in front of a mirror with squinty eyes, I decided the best course of action was to buy everything and try it all on again later at home. Not surprisingly, they're all awesome and look great lined up in my closet.

Speaking of home. This is what was happening while I made dinner last night:

My favorite part is that because Cora learned to crawl before she learned to sit, that crawl-ready tabletop position she's in is her relaxed book listening pose. I've been trying to teach her to sit upright, but she looks at me like I'm crazy, and immediately flops onto her tummy, pops up on her legs, and is ready to rock and roll. I mean, why sit when you can crawl?

There was more reading after showers and then I snapped one more pic of the usual love cluster around Cora.

I head to Houston first thing in the morning for my sister's bridal shower. It will be fun, and wonderful to see lots of family and old friends, but I really miss these four when I'm away. Luckily I fly back again tomorrow night (still trying to use up the million frequent flyer miles I collected at the firm), so there will be time for lots more cuddles and reading and love clusters on Sunday. And maybe a trip to DSW to return a few pairs of shoes. I'll make Claire pick which ones.


  1. At 5' I cannot imagine 6'2". It must be nice to reach the top shelf of the cabinets without a step stool:) Love the dress!

  2. The "high and very tall" made me giggle...a lot! But then again a chunk of my patients are transsexual fashion plates that do use a lot of, true that.

  3. Love the dress, and you look great in it!

  4. Came back to say--if you like colorful clothes, you should shop in the kids' section more! Sounds weird, but I bet the 14-16 size (XL) would fit you great. (Maybe even the L since you're skinny, but the XL may help in the length department.) It's especially nice when you want to dress to match the kids but don't want to spend specialty store prices...