Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Things

1. This frolicking llama is my spirit animal today and this video is pretty much why the internet exists.

For full enjoyment, float your cursor over the video square to turn on the sound in the top left corner. 

2. We found out yesterday that Landon got in to the ISD's gifted and talented program! He'll start next year and was the only Kindergartner accepted into the program this year. We're so excited for him. I loved my G/T break-out classes in elementary school and all the classes that followed and I'm so happy his teacher nominated him and he'll have the opportunity to enjoy them too!

3. Incidentally, trying to explain what the GT program is in elementary school highlighted the main difference between JP and my feelings about primary school. As JP, channeling the grade school JP of yore, summed up: "So... it's just extra work and research projects? for a class that doesn't really exist? that you don't really have to do? and aren't graded on?" "Um, pretty much, but it's really fun." "Yeah, sounds awesome."

4. I'm still searching for a rehearsal dinner dress for my sister's wedding weekend. Why are all the spring dresses out there right now terrible? They're either too neutral, too floral, or way too "fit and flare"- a dress shape I think was specifically designed to look as large, lumpy, and unflattering on me as possible.

5. I love how much the big kids love Cora. Without any prompting or even outward spoken agreement, they always gravitate around her so she can be included. It is one of my favorite things to observe.

6. I finally started the Karen Marie Moning Fever series that so many of you have recommended. OMG. I started the first book Sunday evening before bed and I've now finished all five. FIVE! The dark circles under my eyes beat down all three layers of under-eye brightening cream I put on this morning. They are so addictive. I have my criticisms, and her ending of book 4 in a cliffhanger was a cruel way to keep me reading at 2:30 a.m. yesterday morning, but they were fun and good and I'm sad they're over. I'm now on a mandatory 48-hour break from reading to prove to myself that I'm in control of my addiction. Even I crawled out of bed to download book 5 through my laptop at 2:35 a.m. yesterday morning because it wouldn't download through my phone, after telling myself the refusal to download through the phone was a sign from the gods that I needed to be a grown-up and GO TO SLEEP, but after a half-hearted five minutes of trying to close my eyes, I caved and went to the living room to buy it. So yeah, I'm super in control.

7. I tried the new Oprah Chai at Starbucks yesterday at it is delicious. I have never seen Oprah's show and have no real feelings on the woman herself, but apparently she has strong opinions about chai and I agree with all of them them. A grande nonfat no foam Oprah chai tea latte was like a taste of a crisp Fall Chicago day and it even had 40 fewer calories than the regular sweeter chai. I'm in love and may just treat myself to one on the way to work this morning.  Happy Friday!


  1. I'm waiting until Mother's Day to try the Oprah chai because it's BYGO free, and I know my mom will appreciate my frugality when I bring her a free one! Can't wait to try it. P.S. My FIL has llamas and I would be so delighted if they weren't so grumpy and would please, please frolic like the llamas above!

  2. I LOVE fit and flare. Have you tried on a Kate Spade flit and flare dress? they are perfection

  3. Re: the rehearsal dinner dress -

    I'm a huge fan. I've rented many, many times and have had some great dresses.

  4. Finally you read the fever series!!! yay!! Barrons....swoon. Okay, so you waited, what? Like 10 min to go from book 4 to book 5? Try having to wait an entire year with a cliffhanger like that! I'm actually kinda jealous that you read the series once it was finished rather than having to wait book to book in real time.