Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This Girl

My baby biscuit is five months old tomorrow. I have been insanely busy at work, but by sacrificing sleep and all personal free time, I have not missed out on any of my usual time with my kiddos. I've really been enjoying my work lately, but Clairebear is truly the higlight of my day (along with her brother of course, but this post is about her).

She is so unbelievably happy. I know I keep writing that, but it is simply the most true, most overwhelming thing about her. When she wakes up in the morning she just hangs out, making little noises in her crib until someone comes to get her. When you pick her up (or really, when she sees you walk in the room), her smile takes over her whole face. Everything about her tells you that she is absolutely DELIGHTED by your presence

And it is fabulous to be the focus of a Clairebear smile.

Claire continues to adore her brother and he continues to adore her right back. Her teachers told me the other day that Landon knocked on their classroom door from the outside while he was on the playground (apparently he does this often). They answered and he said, "Where's my baby sister? Is she sleeping?" They said no, she's out in the buggy. Landon's face lit up and he said, "Where?!" They pointed her out in a far corner of the playground and Landon took off, yelling "Thanks!" over his shoulder. He then walked next to Claire all over the playground. He sings her the ABC's and has taught the daycare teachers to call her Biscuit (I hadn't admitted to them that we call her that, though I say it so often upon seeing her I was constantly stopping myself mid-word. It's nice to relax and let the "Biscuit!!"s run free).

I love our family time together - sitting around the dinner table, reading books before bed, going on walks around the block, etc. I wrote about this before in my letter to Claire, but it is just amazing to me that we feel like such a unit even though we've only known our fourth member for 5 months. It is almost bizarre to look back at pictures and posts from last year and think we had an only child. And we were very happy that way, and there was no hole or feeling that something was missing, but this is somehow better, fuller, more complete.

I can't think of Claire without smiling. A glimpse at my blackberry with its background picture of Claire the Lobster starts me giggling. I'll smile in the middle of very serious meetings about very serious cases because my mind has suddenly jumped to a moment the night before when we were all laughing over something adorable that Claire was doing.

I need to get back to work, but I just had to take a minute to say that I quite simply adore this little girl.


  1. We adore her, too! Such a sweet post. :)

  2. She has to be the happiest baby I have ever seen!! What a sweet family you have!!

  3. Claire is gorgeous!!! I wish you lived nearby so we can have a smiley baby meetup! Let me know next time you are in the area and maybe we can work something out. :)

  4. I am pretty sure every student at my law school saw the lobster picture, I made sure of it. They all agree, she is SO adorable.

    I wish Abigail were as photogenic as Claire. Almost every picture of her is a grumpy face. The thing is, she is the HAPPIEST KID. She just makes a face at the precise moment I take the picture. I think I need a fancy camera with shutter speed adjustment or whatever it is.

  5. LT, I would LOVE that. It almost makes me wish we were speaking with my in-laws right now so we'd have a visit coming up.

    Shan, that made me smile :) Having the fast shutter speed of a DSLR definitely helps. Have you tried a sport setting that takes several pictures right in a row? Maybe she'd smile again right after making her grumpy face.