Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Buttered Biscuit

I have no real content for you today, as I'm working on our response to the motion to compel opposing counsel filed at 9 p.m. on freaking Thanksgiving Eve. They have been highly unpleasant to work with, and while some may find this surprising, that has very much been the rarity for opposing counsel from other large law firms that I have worked with so far. At least their motion is so ridiculous that it's making the response almost fun to write.

So because I can't talk much more about that, but I want to post something, I have pictures of the Biscuit and her big brother grilling us some food for dinner on Saturday. I was working at the desk, QC'ing a document production, while JP and the kids played in the corner of the study. This pretty much sums why I love working from home- I get to see some variation of this scene every time I look up, and I get to hear talking (or in Claire's case, squealing) in the background as I review. Watching the two of them play together always makes me happy:

Because even if you're working on a weekend that you weren't supposed to have to work on at all, it's butter and biscuits-- what could be better?


  1. Love that smile! Drool and all!

  2. I'm so jealous of your working from home set-up! Landon and Claire are too cute together!