Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lanman, Love, and Pigeons

His teacher, Ms. A, sharing her favorite stories about Landon at yesterday's parent teacher conference:

"The other day when he was laying down on his mat at nap time, Landon turned to me, heaved a big sigh, and said quietly: Ms. A, I just love my baby sister so much. He sighed again, like it was just too big a burden for his heart to bear, and continued staring up at the ceiling for another hour until his friends woke up."

That story made me smile all day.

(playing on our bed before work and daycare)

In other conference news, he's doing awesome in his new class, despite being the youngest (darn summer birthday). He remains an incredibly mellow kid who shares, has close friendships, and listens and sits still as well as his classmates, some of whom have already turned four. He loves to run and ride bikes and can throw a ball farther than anyone else in his class (they have "gym" now, which cracks me up). He has a huge vocabulary and a bigger heart. His teachers love him and he loves his teachers. At three years old, there's really nothing more we could want for him. We celebrated the good report with a big Costco pizza that we got to eat AT COSTCO. Truly the highlight of Landon's week.

And tomorrow we have a special Big Brother outing planned. There's a children's play at the historic Paramount theatre in Austin each November, and this year they're doing the Mo Willems pigeon books. Landon loves Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, so I'm SO excited for JP and I to take him out for this special treat (like really excited, more excited than anyone should be to see a play about a pigeon geared towards 3-7 year olds). I have about a million hours of work to do before then, but it's still good to be at the weekend. Clairebear is in her jumperoo next to my desk, grinning away at me as I review documents (or really, review the contract attorneys' reviewed documents), and I can hear Landon and JP outside taking down the Halloween decorations. It's more of a work-life-jumble than a work-life balance, but it works!


  1. Such sweet brother-sister pictures!! Enjoy your special outing tonight, Landon will do great!

  2. I love "work-life jumble"--it is a much more accurate description--may have to steal that one.

    Enjoy the sweetness of these days, and be glad that you are documenting them. PS adored "her babies" before they got big enough to have minds of their own--now she just wants to kill them most days!

  3. Haha, yes, Claire's pretty easy to adore right now with all her smiles and immobility...

    And while I wrote the phrase quickly, I'm liking "jumble" more and more too. Juggle isn't quite right- it seems to imply that one is up in the air while the other isn't, and I find I'm actually happier when my work/life lines aren't that clearly defined. Mess seems too negative, because neither my work nor my life is a mess. They're just kind of jumbled together, in all the good and bad ways that can be. (Though with the kids both still too young to have their own weekend activities, it can be quite good. Claire is in one of her spastic smile fits right next to me as I type this. Totally eases the pain of working on the weekend when I can do it with both my kids in the room and neither of them cares that I'm on my laptop while they play around me.)

  4. work-life jumble! I love it! Your Lanman sounds just too sweet for words! Isn't it funny how we get excited about the little things we think will bring joy to our kids? I love how kids get so excited about the little things....we could all totally learn something from them :)

  5. They are adorable together. It's so fun to see how much Claire looks like Landon when he was younger, too - well, Landon if he had rolls on him! :)

    I want to also tell you that I MAILED THE BOX OF CLOTHES. Finally. I know! 30 pounds. I sent it parcel post (I'm sorry to be cheap, but 30 pounds!) and it should be there next Saturday. How could I have been giving P's clothes away all this time and still have 30 pounds left? Crazy.

  6. I love that story. And he looks soooo much like you!!!

  7. Love this story! The Pigeon play is going to ROCK. So jealous!