Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Photo Shoot and other happenings

My firm's annual meeting is coming up and it's tradition to show a slide show of all the new babies born in the past year wearing their firm onesies. I got a "high importance" email this afternoon warning me that the deadline to submit a picture is tomorrow. Now I knew the pictures were due November 12th. I even had it written in my nicely organized and constantly updated to-do list. I was just shocked to find out that November 12th and tomorrow are the same day. How are we already near the middle of November? (And our 80-degree weather is not helping me keep track of what month we're in.)

So, because it would be wrong to deny several hundred lawyers a chance to experience the Biscuit, Claire and I had a little impromptu photo shoot this evening before dinner. She was, of course, ridiculously smiley. So smiley that I'm not sure the pictures really even look like she's smiling; it's more like she has her mouth open really wide. I have 20 shots and they are all some variation of this (though, without the firm logo blurred out; I promise, it coordinates well with leg warmers):

About an hour after these were taken, my sweet little Clairebear threw up a mind-boggling volume of super stinky alimentum formula ALL over me. Then, just in case the chair and I wasn't completely covered, she did it two more times. I don't understand how that much liquid could have possibly been inside her little body. I am not proud to admit that I shrieked and then just sat there, frozen in horror as the slimey, smelly goo dripped off my legs and the glider and onto the floor. Claire looked at me surprised for a few seconds, and then decided to be mad (at me, of course) because she had about 5 drops of regurgitated liquid on her legs and she didn't like it. Her cries brought me back to action and I jumped up, stripped us both, and took a long bubble bath with my stinky baby while JP scrubbed everything. He's a good man.

And because I can't leave you with that horrible image of parenthood (but the story is too fresh in my mind not to share), here is the Biscuit in happier, cleaner times:

(her face in this one just cracks me up)


  1. She looks pretty devilish in that last one.

    I love the smiles. And that white bow makes me want to fall over and die. So cute.

  2. She is so freaking adorable! And I'm sorry, but unless you post a picture of her crying, I am not going to believe it's possible for to make an unhappy face. She is SO SMILEY!

  3. OMG I have to come meet her soon...when she's awake. Her cuteness is irresistible.

    And that 4th pic she looks so much like Landon at that age. First time I have caught the resemblance that much.

  4. Petes, you're always welcome at the Lag Liv house! We're generally around now through the holidays, so let me know! The Biscuit loves visitors (and Landon does too) (and me) (and I'm sure JP would be happy to see you too).

  5. Oh yeah...I remember those Alimentum days all too well. <>
    She is so cute and smiley!