Monday, October 5, 2009

One Toe Out of the Closet

I came out to someone at work today. She's a good friend in my section, a senior associate I love working for and admire greatly. We ate lunch together Friday and were talking about our kids (she has two). I said that I was finally coming around to the idea of #2 and joked that maybe one was on his way now since I was a few days late. We both laughed and I absolutely did not think I was pregnant and put it out of my mind.

Today we were talking about midwives v. OBs (she's a passionate advocate of midwives and birthing centers or home births, I'm a big fan of midwives with an epidural). She suddenly looked up and said, "Oh, wait, you're not pregnant are you." And I apparently had a deer in headlights look because she jumped up, closed her door, and squealed. She gave me a big hug, danced some sort of jig, and was so excited that I started to feel excited. The timing still sucks, it really does- I'm devastated about missing my best friend's wedding and possibly JP's graduation. But I'm truly happy about the baby for him or herself, even if I still wish he or she could arrive a month or two later.

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